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  1. Southeast Asia is also home to many mountains, and conditions are generally cooler in the highlands. In equatorial Southeast Asia, highland temperatures generally range from about 15-25°C. Some of the highest mountains in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar are so high that snow falls every year, and Indonesia and Myanmar are even home to permanent glaciers.
  2. Yes I think you could actually manage to add another destination – sometimes I have to go contrary to my normal advice! 🙂 You could probably spend 10 days in the Chiang Mai region and 10 days island hopping, and then have 10 days to spare for somewhere else. Maybe add a bit of Laos? It connects well with Cambodia.
  3. Thanks so much for the kind response, Marek! Great to know, and I’ll certainly look into the route from Gai Lai province, too :). Have a great day!
  4. ed cyclist. The other is weekend only service to the mangrove lined rivers and the white sand beaches of Sihanoukville. It is no longer possible to transit all the way through Cambodia to Thailand by rail.
  5. Fruit is available everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Mangoes are a firm favorite among travellers. The giant spiky durian, perhaps the only unifying factor between South-East Asia's countries, is infamous for its pungent smell and has been likened to eating garlic ice cream next to an open sewer.

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English the main language of business and administration in Singapore, and a common second language in the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. In areas popular among tourists in the region such as Bali, Phuket and Luang Prabang, English is widely spoken by people working in the tourism industry, although with various degrees of proficiency. Business people who deal with international clients generally speak a decent level of English. English is a traveller's most useful language overall, although for longer stays in almost any Southeast Asian country except Singapore, picking up at least some of the local language is useful, and may be essential outside the cities. Backpacking can be super social – if you’re hoping for romance, you can let things come to you naturally. Do the activities you like and you’ll meet male travelers for sure. The only activity where I’ve somehow never seen single dudes are cooking classes! The main international gateways to Southeast Asia are Bangkok (BKK IATA), Singapore (SIN IATA), Kuala Lumpur (KUL IATA), and Jakarta (CGK IATA). Other airports with good connections outside the region include Manila (MNL IATA), Denpasar (DPS IATA), Phuket (HKT IATA), Ho Chi Minh City (SGN IATA) and Hanoi (HAN IATA). Hong Kong also makes a good springboard into the region, with many low-cost carriers flying into Southeast Asian destinations.

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Hey! This is all super informative and I love your itinerary for 2 months. I’m leaving for my own 8 week adventure starting in the Philippines. I was thinking of spending about 2 weeks there to visit my family and bask in the sun which leaves me 6 more weeks before I fly back home to Canada from Bangkok. I’m struggling with trying not to spread myself too thin and seeing as much as I can see in the remaining 6 weeks. Any suggestions for the 6 weeks I have left?From 1619 to Indonesian independence, the capital of the Dutch East Indies was Batavia (present-day Jakarta). A huge number of colonial remnants can therefore be found in the city, ranging from the Batavia City Hall (built 1707-1710, now the Jakarta History Museum) in West Jakarta to the Neo-Gothic Jakarta Cathedral (built 1891-1901) in Central Jakarta. Also throughout the rest of the Indonesian archipelago, virtually every city and town has sights from the colonial time, such as the 17th-century Fort Rotterdam in Makassar, the 18th-century Fort Vredeburg in Yogyakarta, and many early 20th-century Art Deco masterpieces in Bandung. In the early 19th century, the Great Post Road was constructed across Java, enabling quick trade and development of the entire island. Afghanistan. Eastern Asia. Japan. DPRK. China. South Korea. Middle Asia. Turkmenistan. The ten Southeast Asian states of ASEAN with a collective population of 622 million people has weathered..

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Hey Matt, great to hear your positive feedback! For Laos and Cambodia it’s easy to just get a visa at the border. Vietnam normally requires pre-arranged visas – it can be beneficial to get this sorted in advance at home if you know when you’re going to be there. I have some more details on Vietnam visas here.Surprisingly it is hard to reach my gf’s relatives here in Cambodia who we originally planned to rely on for this Cambodia trip. Part of the plan was to visit an uncle in Sihanoukville but we aren’t able to reach him lol.

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  1. ate the landscape in much of Southeast Asia, from the monsoon forests of the mainland to the equatorial evergreen rainforests of the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines. Some of the key rainforest national parks on the mainland include Khao Sok and Khao Yai in Thailand and Taman Negara in Malaysia. The rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo are known as the habitat of the orangutan. Many of the rainforests and other landscapes in Southeast Asia are home to (critically) endangered animal species, such as several primate species in Vietnam's Cuc Phuong area, the Javan rhinoceros in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon lowland rainforest, and the Indochinese tiger in several areas of Southeast Asia's mainland, notably the Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries. The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is home to the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon.
  2. Your best bet is probably to make a visa run. Just briefly cross the border somewhere, then come back for another visa on arrival.
  3. Loved the blog and advices! I am gong to travel south my boyfriend for probably 3month and your modified banana trail have me great ideas amthought we are climbers so we are mixing it with the places to rock climb. One thing we are worried is the vaccins and all the mosquitoes diseases that you can get.. any tips on that?! Are the vaccins really a must do? Thanks
  4. Asia-Pacific's leading current affairs magazine. Region. Southeast Asia. May 22, 2020. The Vietnam Automobile Industry at a Crossroads

Southeast Asia is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and for a reason: a tropical climate, warm (or hot!) all year around, rich culture, gorgeous beaches, wonderful food and last but not least, low prices. While its history and modern-day politics are complex, most of it is also quite safe for the traveller and easy to travel around in. Hi Marek, I’ve got 5 weeks in South East Asia starting in May. What legs of the banana pancake route do you suggest to cut?Backpacking in Southeast Asia does have its occasional challenges, like scams, thieving monkeys, and — gulp — flesh-eating bacteria. Check out my 25 pro tips for backpacking Southeast Asia and you’ll be much better prepared.Me and my partner are planning a roughly 40 day trip around some of the budget countries in the SEA. We’ve been to Malaysia and Myanmar and are planning to go (following your advice) to Thailand and Cambodia. I was thinking of landing in Bangkok and then slowly moving up north to Chiang Mai (taking 15 visa validity days) and then leave for Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap (for the next 11 or so days) and after that go to Phuket for another 15 days of island hopping.

Hi Marek, I am planning on traveling on your alternative trail for Southeast Asia. I was curious if you had any favorite guidebooks for the 4 countries on the banana pancake trail as well as any historical books about the area (possibly interested in the Vietnam war but am open to suggestions). Thank you!4. Ask people who are independent sources of information (for instance staff at a hostel, or other travellers) what the real prices are, so you know when you’re being ripped off. Always haggle a bit if you can.

best places to visit in Southeast Asia for family holidays Hmm, I think even with 4 months you’ll still have to make some choices. I’d focus less on seeing everything and instead cherry pick your favorites! The Thailand > Laos > Vietnam > Cambodia loop can easily take 2 months already at a leisurely pace. Adding everything in that first map without rushing would take at least 6 months.

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The changes that Islam introduced were often most visible in people’s ordinary lives. Pork was forbidden to Muslims, a significant development in areas like eastern Indonesia and the southern Philippines where it had long been a ritual food. A Muslim could often be recognized by a different dress style, like chest covering for women. Male circumcision became an important rite of passage. Muslims in urban centers acquired more access to education, and Qur’anic schools became a significant focus of religious identity. Southeast Asia's 11 countries have a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of $1.9 trillion; a population of If Southeast Asia were one country, it would be the world's ninth-largest economy Living next to seas and rivers, seafood is a crowd favourite. Fish and prawns feature prominently, with fermented fish sauce and shrimp paste frequently used in everyday cooking, although shellfish such as Singapore chilli crab is much more expensive and usually saved for special occasions or enjoyed by the well-off. Southeast Asia is important to the world because it is a laboratory for all sorts of different types of politics. If you are interested in communists, democrats, sultans, dictators, and revolutionaries..

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It’s usually better to focus. Think about it: do you want to see loads of stuff only very superficially (and tire yourself by continually moving from place to place in a hurry)? Or do you want to pick a more realistic number of places and then see them in a more meaningful way?Hey man, don’t take it too personally. Have a look at my Philippines page and you’ll see that I’m totally in love with your country and encouraging everyone to go. Keep in mind though that I’m not writing this blog for people going to casinos or Koreans going on a Boracay holiday. It’s aimed at independent travellers, and there’s noticeably fewer of them heading to the Philippines than some of the other countries mentioned. That’s just a neutral statement, and doesn’t mean anything good or bad about the Philippines.

Thank you soooo much for this article. I am going for 2 months and am having a hard time deciding between Myanmar or Laos. I want to spend 1-2 weeks in Norther Thailand, 1-2 weeks in Vietnam, 1 week in Cambodia, and end it with 1 week in the southern thai islands. That leaves me with 1-2 weeks left. I could rush each location and minimize each visit to 1 week, but I want to explore and not be rushed. That said, I’ve narrowed it down between the two I first mentioned: Myanmar or Laos. Do you have a strong suggestion for either? It’s better to have a bit of USD with you for visas or emergencies as it’s accepted more widely. You can get local money from ATMs. There are ATMs in most places but you may want to withdraw in the cities if you’re heading to, say, a tiny mountain town or a secluded island as sometimes these don’t have ATMs.Really good post! If anybody is interested I threw together a similar one for around 6 week trip around Vietnam and Cambodia. World War II was disastrous to Southeast Asia, and also saw the beginning of the end of European colonialism, as the European powers surrendered to Japan one by one in disgrace. By the end of 1942, the Japanese had conquered virtually the whole of Southeast Asia, with only Thailand remaining unconquered, as the Thais signed a treaty of friendship with the Japanese which allowed the Japanese to establish military bases in Thailand, and allowed Japanese troops free passage through Thailand. The Japanese occupation was a time of great hardship for many of the natives, as the Japanese took all the resources for themselves, and exploited many of the locals for their own gain. However, the Japanese occupation convinced many locals that the European powers were not invincible after all, and allowed the independence movements to gain pace. As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) faces renewed scrutiny in light of its comparatively weak response to the coronavirus crisis, the perennial question of the future of the..

Southeast Asia is home to some of the world's most vibrant, dynamic cities: Bangkok, with its ornate architecture and youthful energy; the street food Valhalla that is Singapore; electric Kuala Lumpur.. There are no high-speed rail lines in Southeast Asia. The fastest train in the region is the electrified train (ETS) in Malaysia between Butterworth and Gemas, passing through Kuala Lumpur, which reaches speeds of up to 140 km/h. A "semi-high speed rail", of speeds of up 160 km/h, is being built between Vientiane and the Chinese city of Kunming, crossing the northwest of Laos, and it is expected that another high speed rail will link Vientiane to Bangkok, in Thailand, although the project has being dragging for many years.

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Will be travelling to SE Asia first week in January until probably first week in May. Not sure if we should fly into Thailand and start from there or fly into Singapore for few days, do Bali for a week then work our way up through the countries to Thailand. What would you suggest? We will book a room for first few days of arrival and after that it will be book as we go. What are your most “not to miss” areas and suggestions for this travel. This is our first time travelling without a plan and sort of doing it on day to day basis with probably a couple of organized tours that we may pick up in certain areas. We should be able to visit a lot I imagine in four months. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.Hey Jo. You can get a 30-day visa-on-arrival when you land in Bangkok. At the Cambodia border, you can then get another 15-day visa-on-arrival. (This does make some assumptions about your nationality by the way. Check Wikipedia for the details.) You can also get a multi-entry visa in advance from a Thai embassy, but if the time limits on the visa-on-arrivals work for you then this won’t be necessary. 🙂Getting around continental Southeast Asia as well as intra-island travel in the various islands of Southeast Asia by car is possible, but definitely not for the faint-hearted. While you can drive yourself around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei without any major problems after giving yourself some time to get used to the relative lack of road courtesy, traffic conditions elsewhere range from just bad to total chaos. As such, it is advisable to rent a car with a driver, and not try to drive yourself around. Bargain in public markets and flea markets where prices aren't fixed. Southeast Asians actually will give you a bargain if you make them laugh and smile while naming your price; if they don't, try saying bye bye and smile and maybe the vendor might change his mind and give you a discount. When bargaining for simple things like watches, sunglasses, and shoes remember that these are often marked up hugely and, given some bargaining skill, can often be brought down to something like 20% of the asking price. If you can't seem to get them down to a reasonable price, then you're doing it wrong. See Bargaining for more tips.

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Southeast Asia, South-East Asia, South East Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India.. Hi! I´m planning a 5-6 month trip to SEA I´m still checking and reading about my places of interest, do you know the cheapest months to travel? and to you have any 5 month budget? Thanks!!

View Asia news to get the latest headlines from India, Japan, China and other Asian countries on CNN.com. Asia. Pakistan plane crash black box found after 97 killed The southeastern countries of Asia are a collective array of islands and peninsulas, with The outermost regions of Southeast Asia are encircled by various archipelagos and coral reef structures Hi Marek! Thanks for this very insightful article. I’m heading there in March for 2 months. I guess I follow your advices keeping it flexible. Thanks a lot!Hi Tammy, my gf and I will be arriving in Bangkok on Feb 5th. We’ll be in South East Asia for 2 months. We should hang when we’re there. Email: Perez418@gmail.com or IG Perez418

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Due to the high rates of road accidents in most the region, trains in Southeast Asia are generally considered to be a safer option than buses, especially during the night, although in several cases the journey by train takes longer than by bus. South-Eastern Asia Population: current, historical, and projected population, growth rate, immigration, median age, total fertility rate (TFR), population density, urbanization.. There’s a lot of ‘not to miss’ stuff all over Asia – depends on what you’re after. Though with 4 months you can go with the flow. Research some places now but also ask people you meet for recommendations – this is a sure-fire way of discovering lots of great stuff along the way.

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But some of my favorite backpacking destinations are actually on Southeast Asia’s periphery. I’m a big fan of Indonesia, which is hyper touristy on Bali but rather low-key and uncrowded elsewhere. I like Flores and the Komodo Islands a lot. Mount Bromo and the Ijen Plateau are amazing.With the exception of Thailand, all Southeast Asian countries were under European colonial rule for varying lengths of time between the 16th and 20th centuries. As a result, there is a considerable colonial heritage in the region, including fortifications, infrastructure and buildings. Despite remaining independent, even Thailand did not escape European influence, and it too boasts several impressive European-style buildings. Hi Marek, great article and thanks for sharing your experience! I have few questions on Visa. I am planning to do a 4-5months trip in SEA, and wonder if I should get my Visa in advance? I am US citizenship, and are there any countries that I must Visa prior leaving? Many thanks!

Hi Marek I’m wondering if you can advise me please. My husband and I are looking to go away for 3 weeks over the Xmas period next year. One week before Xmas and two after. We want to spend time in Thailand, at the beaches relaxing mostly with some time spent with the elephants and a few nights in Bangkok. Do you think we will have time to add a bit of Cambodia in? Either way for this time of year could you recommend an itinery? We would quite like to visit the touristy beaches like where The Beach was filmed and Phuket etc but only for a few nights, the rest we would prefer somewhere we can totally relax and get our hands on good food etc. Thanks. GemmaI’m planning on going to South East Asia and I’ll be spending 2 months there. Since I’m likely to follow a route based on this article, I would go to Thailand twice (fly first to Bangkok, go north and then re enter from Cambodia). So do you know how would the visa work in this case? Do I need to apply for a two month visa or will they issue a new one when I re enter?

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Southeast Asia has one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world, but overfishing and destructive fishing threaten its sustained existence. Across the region, 64 percent of the fisheries'.. Love the article. I was wondering what your thoughts were on kind of just wonderlusting SEA for 4 weeks. I going with my significant other in mid December. We are entering and leaving Bangkok but we don’t really have much planned. Should we plan a little or is it okay to just wing it? I do realize we need to have an end point in which we are taken back to Bangkok by flight or end up there along the trail. Your thoughts and advice would be amazing. Thank you!!Hi, Marek! I read this post when my husband and I were planning our 1 year world travel and I am back again!haha Thanks for this awesome post. We are currently at KL, and trying to plan out our Philippine trip in Mid December, hoping to find some good deal to fly in. I’ve looked up the flights from many different capitals of SEA and it seems like the cheapest I can find is about $95 from Bangkok! Wondering where you flew from when visited Philippines and if you have a better suggestion to fly from since we don’t have anything planned yet for November. Thank you so much 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon! Have a great exciting day!2. Yeah those estimates do include sightseeing and transportation and such. It’s a backpacker budget though, so it assumes you avoid the most expensive activities and focus on things that are either free or relatively cheap. It also assumes you mostly eat local food and use accommodation that is basic.

I wasn’t too impressed with the Mekong delta sightseeing tours in Vietnam, but actually travelling the Mekong to Cambodia might be a much better way to experience the river. I wished I had done that instead of a super touristy daytrip…We do not sell or rent your data to third parties. However, our partners, including ad partners, may collect data in relation to your Website using as disclosed below. Please see our “advertisers” section above for details. SOUTHEAST ASIA

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I’m hoping you can help me out re timings as I want to make sure I’m not trying to cram in too much. I have roughly 6 weeks to work with. I’m thinking fly into Bangkok; then head to Northern Thailand to see Chiang Mai and maybe Mae Hong Son loop; then cross over to Laos to do Luang Prabang down to Vientiane; then fly down to Phnom Penh and see Angkor Wat while I’m down there; then back to Thailand, firstly down to Surat Thani and islands from there, then to Krabi/Phuket and islands; then down through Malaysia via Penang and KL and finish up in Singapore. So do you reckon this seems reasonable in 6 weeks? And if not, what bits do you reckon I should cut out? I don’t mind doing a fair amount of travelling, I just want to be have enough time in each place to properly enjoy it when I get there without rushing through too much. Thanks very much for the site, it’s very helpful!1000 USD per person sounds slightly tight but should be OK. The most expensive part will probably be Phuket, but since you’re keeping it last you’ll have a clear idea at that point of how much money is left, and then spend accordingly. Escape to less touristy places if you find that you’re running a bit low at the end.I love your blog! I’ve been diving into all your guides; thank you! Planning to go on a 2.5-month (May-July) solo trip through the Banana Pancake Trail, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Especially in Southeast Asia, I’m a bit hesitant about bringing my Apple watch and Apple Airpods. Will this cause unwanted attention by those up to no good?

Hey Koen! Your original plan sounds ambitious though also not unreasonably so. It’ll be a whirlwind tour but it could of course be done, if you’re OK with spending no more than 9 days in each country. This stuff gets subjective very quickly but intuitively I’d say your first plan might feel slightly too rushed and your second plan just slightly too open. Perhaps it’s a good idea is to plan several possible options and see how things go during your trip – you can either go slower or faster, but having already researched your options you’ll know where to go next. Hope this helps a bit. I have yet to go to China/Yunnan myself btw so I personally can’t compare it directly to the other countries.Thanks a million 🙂 I wondered if I might have problems travelling on a one way ticket. I’ll check out the price difference for one way and a return from a different airport. Discover Southeast Asia. 18 days, Bangkok to Siem Reap. Highlights from Discover Southeast Asia. My visit was transcendent, the water surrounding the temple [Angkor Wat] as smooth as glass Southeast Asia consists of eleven countries that reach from eastern India to China, and is generally divided into mainland and island zones. The mainland (Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia..

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It depends. I’m in southern Thailand right now and noticing again how the prices are higher here (in bangkok and tourist areas) than elsewhere in SEA. But aside from the main draws in Thailand which are relatively more expensive, I usually give the ballpark of $800-900 usd / month if you eat local food, stay in hostels, and don’t do any unusually expensive activities like scuba diving. Your mileage may vary of course. I should probably do a post on cost of travel in SEA sometime!Southeast Asian cuisine reflects the countries' diverse history and culture. It can be roughly split into continental Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar) and maritime (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, East Timor), and even then still differs considerably from area to area depending on cultural influences. The Philippines' food culture is the most varied due to their additional influences from Spain and America. It’s nice to improvise, and this is pretty easy in Southeast Asia. You might want to book accommodation just 1 or 2 days ahead of time (as you travel). Don’t worry about bus/train tickets, you can get those locally when you need them. with 6 months you can be pretty flexible. When you visit our Website, we collect certain information related to your device, such as your IP address, what pages you visit on our Website, whether you were referred to by another website, and at what time you accessed our Website. We do not collect any other type of personal data. If you are accessing our website through a social media account, please refer to the social media provider’s privacy policy for information regarding their data collection. We don’t want to be very touristic areas but because of the lack of time we can not travel too long to get there.

Cutting back and streamlining your itinerary can actually improve your trip. Here are a few reasons why:Glad you caught the travel bug! 🙂 I flew from Singapore at the time. I find it’s usually Singapore, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur that have the most / cheapest flights.Before the arrival of the Europeans, Southeast Asia was home to several powerful kingdoms. Some of the more notable ones were the Funan and the Khmer Empire in the Indochinese peninsula, as well as the Srivijaya, the Majapahit Kingdom and the Melaka Sultanate in the Malay Archipelago. Services along the main Jakarta-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok business corridor are extremely frequent, with frequencies almost like a bus service in the daytime, meaning that competition is stiff and prices are low if you book in advance.

My fiancé and I want to go to S E Asia this coming January for about 6-8 weeks. Is going to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia too many places? The best way to get around each country? And from the US would you fly into BKK and also out of there, or do a open jaw ticket?All of the larger cities in Southeast Asia boast a range of museums, with the capital cities standing out. The region's best-known culture and history museums include Singapore's National Museum (in Orchard) and Asian Civilisations Museum (in Riverside). Also most of the other capital cities have a National Museum focusing on the country's culture and history, including Bangkok (Rattanakosin), Jakarta (Central), Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Manila (Ermita), and Kuala Lumpur (Brickfields). Also in Brickfields, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia provides the largest collection of Islamic art in the region. The Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, also has several great culture and history museums, such as the Fine Arts Museum and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

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You could also do a Hanoi to Bangkok trip and skip northern Thailand… you’d have a really nice amount of time for such a route. Just a few quick thoughtsBoth Thailand and Singapore/Bali are great starting points in Southeast Asia, so I probably wouldn’t worry too much about this choice. Starting with Singapore and Bali might be nice if you want to ease into things a bit. Singapore is very modern and clean (also a bit dull in my opinion, though the food is amazing). Bali sees lots of tourists and is very easy to enjoy. From either Bali or Thailand you can acclimatize and then make your way to other places.I’m reading your book, it’s a good refresher after not having backpacked in 10 years, things have changed. I am planning on doing the Banana Pancake Trail April 20-June/July. I’d like to focus on Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. I have been researching visa options and was wondering what you think about about getting advance visas for Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam I plan on doing advance but from what I can tell Laos and Cambodia have border crossing visa options that seem to make more sense. I plan on doing the slow boat into Laos and overland from Vietnam to Cambodia, Will I be able to get visas at border crossings like this or should I see about getting visas while in Bangkok? Thanks a bunch, your blog is an inspiration and super useful. Matt Welcome to Southeast Asia, an incredible sub region of Asia that combines perfect tropical weather all year round; rich and beautiful culture, breath-taking sceneries; beautiful beaches and crystal-water..

Hi Solene! Philippines is best connected to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. You might be able to find some flights from Vietnam too, but not sure. Laos is quite remote and so few budget flights go there. You might want to avoid the wet season in the Philippines (May-Oct), but don’t get too hung up on what guides say the best time is. You can have a great time in the Philippines in April at the end of your trip, for example. I was in the Philippines in March/April as well and apart from a couple of rainy days the weather was great.Nowadays, Hinduism in Southeast Asia is mostly limited to the Indonesian island of Bali and the Indian communities of Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore, while Buddhism is concentrated in Indochina, Thailand and Myanmar and among overseas Chinese communities throughout the region. However, from about the 4th to the 15th centuries, Hinduism, Buddhism and a combined observance of both were adhered to by the vast majority of Southeast Asians, and this led to the construction of many Hindu and Buddhist temples across the region. Two world-famous Buddhist temples, and major tourist attractions, are Borobudur in Indonesia (8th-9th centuries) and Angkor Wat in Cambodia (12th century, and partly a Hindu temple complex). Major Hindu temples include My Son (4th-14th centuries) in Vietnam, Prambanan (9th century; near the Borobudur temple) in Indonesia, Preah Vihear (11th-12th centuries) in Cambodia, and Vat Phou (11th-13th century) in Laos. All of these temples are World Heritage Sites.

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I am looking to travel to two countries in south east asia. I am thinking Thailand and Vietnam…What is the best options economically? I want to see the different sites and also off the beaten path.Hey Cassidy. Krabi in Thailand is one of the best places for rock climbing. I’ve also seen it near Chiang Mai, Vang Vieng or Nong Khiaw in Laos, or Kampot in Cambodia. I am not sure where there’s good surf. Philippines – this is sort of the bonus baby, I have a friend living out in Princess puerto and would be nice to see him plus free accomodation if its not plausible or will lesson the experience of the rest of my trip im happy to cross it off.

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  1. g tendencies gained strength in the early nineteenth century when a group known as the Wahhabis captured Mecca. The Wahhabis demanded a stricter observance of Islamic law. Although their appeal was limited in Southeast Asia, some people were attracted to Wahhabi styles of teaching. There was a growing feeling that greater observance of Islamic doctrine might help Muslims resist the growing power of Europeans. Muslim leaders were often pro
  2. A variety of delicious fruit is available everywhere in all shapes and sizes, and pretty much all year round thanks to the tropical weather. Mangoes are a firm favourite among travellers. The giant spiky durian, perhaps the only unifying factor between Southeast Asia's countries, is infamous for its pungent smell and has been likened to eating garlic ice cream next to an open sewer. Other distinctive Southeast Asian fruits are the purple mangosteen, the hairy rambutan and the jackfruit-like cempedak, whose exteriors hide juicy fleshy insides. Pay attention to what's in season for better taste and prices.
  3. Apart from that, I also recommend having a nice mix of Big Things as well as small things in your itinerary.

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  1. Southeast Asia is mostly tropical with some subtropical highlands in the North: the weather hovers around the 30°C mark throughout the year, humidity is high and it rains often.
  2. Charter of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. East Asia Summit (EAS). Ambassadors to ASEAN. ASEAN Dialogue Coordinatorship
  3. Yes, you can basically keep doing your online stuff while traveling through SE Asia. There’s WiFi and good 3G or 4G in most places now. Though the more remote you go the more difficult it gets.
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All data collected through our Website is stored on servers located in the United States. Our servers are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield. IP address and user agent string data from all visitors is stored in rotating log files on Amazon servers for up to 7 days. All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential. Hello! Thank you so much for the information! Im goin away for 5 weeks, and planning to do northern thailand, laos and vietnam, then home. I dont want a tight schedule, the places i wanna do so far is chiang mai, gibbon excperience, vang vieng and ha long bay. I was wondering if you knew if i could take the 2 day boat to luang prabang and go to the gibbon excperience after? It feels like a detour, you have any other options? To fill the rest of my trip im planning to go to places people i meet recomends. All the latest breaking news on Southeast Asia. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on Southeast Asia Other common entry points into the region include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong — the latter is especially convenient if going to Vietnam or the Philippines. From these regional hubs, you can find cheap budget flights elsewhere with carriers such as AirAsia.

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Southeast Asia is a shopping haven, with both high end branded goods and dirt cheap street goods. The most popular city for shopping in Southeast Asia is Bangkok, although Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore all have extensive arrays of exclusive shopping malls stocked with haute couture labels. On the other end of the spectrum, street markets remain a part of daily life (except in Singapore) and are the place to go for dirt cheap or counterfeit items. Some towns like Chiang Mai in Thailand and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia are well-known for enormous markets selling traditional artworks, and it's often possible to buy directly from local artists or have dresses, jewelry, furniture etc made to order. SE Asia 2 days ago. Myanmar editor jailed for 2 years over coronavirus error. SE Asia 2 days ago. 'The saddest Eid'. Coronavirus cuts lifeline for Indonesian migrant families

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first of all, thanks for all the amazing blogs! The information this site and your book has given me is brilliant. Next month, September the 13th to be precisely, my first backpack journey will begin. My first stop is in Hong Kong as I could get a really cheap flight for that destination. After Hong Kong, I’m planning to follow this itinerary within 5 months: Hong Kong – Singapore – Malaysia – Indonesia (From Jakarta to Lombok) – Thailand/Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia (Banana Pancake trail). I have 2 question regarding my plan: 1. Do you think 5 months is enough to cover this? 2. Do you think the sequence of countries is optimal regarding travel times? Since the 1990s, Southeast Asia has had a relatively high rate of economic growth, with Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam often being called the "Tiger Cub Economies" (in reference to the original East Asian Tigers of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea). Nevertheless, despite being one of the most fertile and resource rich regions in the world, widespread corruption means that poverty is still an issue in many countries, with much of the wealth concentrated in the hands of an elite few.

Hey Charlie! I think you’ll be mostly OK following the route above. The main thing is to avoid the western coast Thai beaches as they’ll be in full-on rainy season, but the east coast is still good between May and Jul. So maybe do the east coast beaches first in Thailand (instead of last like my suggestion in the article), then go up to Chiang Mai etc. and do the route as in the map. Laos is in shoulder season in May so still OK. Northern Vietnam might be quite rainy when you get there, so Ha Long Bay might be quite misty if you’re unlucky, but things should improve again as you go south. East Asia/Southeast Asia :: Cambodia. All Capital Places Landscapes. Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, between Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos Hi Marek! My friend and I just booked round trip flights to Bangkok starting in mid July and ending in early August (exactly 3 weeks). It is my first backpacking trip without a group so we have a lot of questions as we are trying to roughly plan! So we are young and active and like to be moving. We want to see some of the more renowned temples but out focus is sort of coastal/activity based. Two things I really want to do while we are there is rock climb and learn to surf (maybe spend a couple days surfing). I was just wondering if you had any suggestions of where we should definitely go for the more adventurous things to do? We wouldn’t mind taking domestic flights, as I understand that transportation can be a bit gruelling, and are ok with a bit of a faster pace. Saying this, we would still like some R & R and to enjoy our time. Do you think trying to hit some major points in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos/Cambodia is too ambitious? I know it seems like a lot but we wouldn’t be navigating through entire countries (maybe like south along the gulf, through Cambodia and up to Ha Long Bay and fly back to Bangkok?) We really don’t have any plans yet but I just wanted to get your input on a route! One more question is that I know fall is Monsoon season and our trip is a bit close (July-August) so I just wanted to know if we would have to be weary of weather during this time or if it should still get mostly sunny days?Reading this article made me missed Thailand much lol. I’m an asian (Filipina) but my first travel was in Thailand.. Wasn’t lucky to stay more and no time to travel in Chiang Mai. I had only 10 days coz i have to go back to my work in Dubai. Do you think i can make 3 weeks if i start my travel to Thailand then Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam? How much do you think it would cost? hmmm Thanks 🙂

Domestic passenger ferries link various islands in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia and the Philippines, but safety regulations are often ignored, boats overloaded and sinkings are not uncommon. Be sure to inspect the boat before you agree to get on, and avoid boats that look overcrowded or too run down. Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies in Asia (SEASIA). Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies Political Developments in Southeast Asia: Democracy Versus Authoritarianism (August.. Hey Mia! The first two are easily (and often) combined, especially south Vietnam + Cambodia. Both those countries are quite poorly connected to Indonesia with flights though, but you can probably find an indirect flight going via Singapore or Bangkok. If I had 4 weeks (and this is totally subjective) I would probably leave north Vietnam for another time and focus on central/south Vietnam + Cambodia for about 2 weeks, then fly to Indonesia and focus on Bali and maybe Lombok/Gili Islands. Indonesia is very spread out so you can lose a lot of time in transit, but focusing on those islands keeps things compact.In Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and parts of Indonesia (notably Sumatra and Borneo) and the Philippines (notably Palawan), haze from forest fires (usually set intentionally to clear land for agriculture) is a frequent phenomenon in the dry season from May to October. Haze can come and go rapidly with the wind. There aren’t any male predominant routes or anything – the crowd is almost always a mix. One thing you might consider is your age and what type of male traveler you’d fancy meeting. Some parts of SEA are very boozy with lots of party bros (Thai beaches, Bali & Gili Trawangan, Koh Rong, etc.), most other places are more adventure/culture focused, like the ones mentioned in this post. Latin America is often people’s second backpacking trip after Asia, so the average age is a bit higher there. In Asia the age of backpackers starts basically around 18 (especially in the newbie-friendly places in Thailand and Bali), while in Latin America it’s more mid/late twenties and up. But SEA is easier for a first backpacking trip.

Southeast Asia Globe, Phnom Penh. 75K likes. Southeast Asia Globe is a member-supported media platform producing in-depth and independent journalism.. What do I mean? Well, in your research, much of your attention will inevitably be drawn to Big Things. I’m talking UNESCO world heritage sites and iconic famous places (which are also heavily marketed). Maybe you’ll read about Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, or the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or the famous karst islands around Krabi in Thailand.Southeast Asia is cheap, so much so that it is among the cheapest travel destinations on the planet. USD20 is a perfectly serviceable daily backpacker budget in most countries in the region, while the savvy traveller can eat well, drink a lot and stay in luxury hotels for USD100 per day. Hi Erin. You could try starting somewhere other than Bangkok, but chances are that most flights from India will go there, or maybe to Ho Chi Minh City. Doing a loop is certainly a good way to do it, in which case it makes sense to start and end in the same city.I’m now trying to figure out whether to leave out Southern Vietnam. This itinerary is still work in progress, and I’m assuming it’ll change once I’m there, so not too bothered, but want to have a rough idea.

Hi there! Thanks for all of the great info. Quenstion. My bf and I have 2 weeks at then end of December to do SE Asia . Initially we wanted Vietnam as we felt it was more “cultural”. But, we are finding that some of the places we were wanting to go in northern Vietnam (Sapa/ Ha Long Bay) Won’t be great in December. So, we are wondering if it would be better to do Thailand/Cambodia for this time of year. Again, we were prioritizing culture over beaches and liked the idea of Vietnam being relatively less popular. But, don’t want to do a trip to Vietnam an injustice if the weather is less than ideal… w hat do you think about this…? Either place we also want to tag in Cambodia at the end.Some exceptions do stand out. The rich city-states of Singapore and Brunei are about twice as expensive as their neighbours, while at the other end of the spectrum, the difficulty of getting into and around underdeveloped places like Myanmar, East Timor and the backwoods of Indonesia drives up prices there too. In Singapore in particular, the sheer scarcity of land drives accommodation rates up and you would be looking at more than USD100 per night for a four-star hotel. You can get a refundable train or bus ticket out of the country and that will be 100% fine. It’s usually the airlines that make a problem out of this instead of immigration itself. A bit more info here: http://www.indietraveller.co/travelling-on-one-way-tickets/

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..from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Sydney at the neighbors, saying: Australia places high priority on our bilateral relationships in Southeast Asia and on our.. Mainland Southeast Asia is divided into the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, and the small city-state of Singapore at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula; Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, which occupy the eastern portion of the mainland, often are collectively called the Indochinese Peninsula. Malaysia is both mainland and insular, with a western portion on the Malay Peninsula and an eastern part on the island of Borneo. Except for the small sultanate of Brunei (also on Borneo), the remainder of insular Southeast Asia consists of the archipelagic nations of Indonesia and the Philippines.Nice article! What do you do if you stay longer in a country than the visa is valid for? I can only get visa on arrival for 15 days in Thailand but planning to be there for about 30 days…Actually, one snag is that the west coast in Thailand is in full-on monsoon, so maybe it’s better to drop the rock climbing requirement and enjoy the sunnier east coast at this time. Thanks again for a easy to understand and nicely written site 🙂 (*excluding the Vietnam visa page ha) International ferry links are surprisingly limited, but it's possible to cross over from Malaysia to Sumatra (Indonesia) and from Singapore to the Riau Islands (Indonesia) and Johor (Malaysia). Star Cruises [4] also operates a fleet of cruise ferries between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, occasionally venturing as far as Cambodia, Vietnam and even Hong Kong.

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