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  1. d, and could not marry him. Mindful of the fact that if she broke the International Statute of Secrecy she would lose the job at the Ministry for which she was giving him up, she could give him no good reason for her change of heart. She left him devastated, and set out for London three days later.
  2. ds me of one of my favorite McGonagall quotes. To celebrate everyone’s favorite sassy teacher, I thought I’d look at my top five McGonagall quotes.
  3. Minerva was not a member of the Order of the Phoenix during Voldemort’s first rise to power. However, she used her talent as an animagus to help spy on Death Eaters, providing vital information to the aurors of the Ministry of Magic. By the second Wizarding War McGonagall believed the Ministry to be corrupt and dangerous, so did not spy for them. She became a fully fledged member of the Order after Dumbledore’s death (PmP).
  4. de, Hogwarts Cadılık ve Büyücülük okulundaki ikinci yılına başlarken Harry Potter ,ev cini Dobby tarafından okula dönmesinin kendisi için tehlikeli olacağı konusunda uyarılır
  5. g voice interrupts her, stating that if Harry is turned over, no one will be harmed, otherwise, at midnight, he will be forcefully taken. Pansy Parkinson, at the Slytherin table, aims her wand at Harry; the other Houses quickly jump to Harry's defence, and McGonagall orders all Slytherins to be evacuated. She then re
  6. Professor McGonagall (75954)
  7. Minerva McGonagall is finding recovering from the stunner incident a difficult and long-winded task. Hermione helps her heal and finds a new book, filled with comments about Transfiguration and after..

Arithmancy. Who is the Transfiguration Professor? Professor Minerva McGonagall. Before Dumbledore, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts? Armando Dippet Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter made by Musicdudez. Go check out my teams project PotterCraft link is here hPvEo1rgir8 Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Minerva McGonagall..

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Minerva McGonagall was the first child, and only daughter, of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and a Minerva's father, the Reverend Robert McGonagall, had become captivated by the high-spirited.. Professor McGonagall should've won the house cup every year. Welcome to Next of Ken and today, we're counting down the 12 Times Professor McGonagall Was a..

But McGonagall may've been born in the 1800's. One of the most common complaints about Crimes of Grindelwald is the inclusion of Professor McGonagall, but everyone's concerns about changing.. Meaning of mcgonagall. What does mcgonagall mean? Information and translations of mcgonagall in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web After several months, and much nagging by Gryffindor Quidditch captain Oliver Wood, Professor McGonagall returns the Firebolt, saying it is believed to be clean. Harry flies a marvelous match on it. The match is marred only by apparent Dementors arriving on the pitch, though Harry is able to defend himself from them by use of the Patronus charm that he has learned. The Dementors turn out to be Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Marcus Flint, the Slytherin team captain. McGonagall gives all four of them detentions and penalizes Slytherin 50 House points. The school greeted Minerva McGonagall’s return with delight. Minerva threw herself into her work, proving herself a strict but inspirational teacher. If she kept letters from Dougal McGregor locked in a box under her bed, this was (she told herself firmly) better than keeping her wand locked there. Nevertheless, it was a shock to learn from the oblivious Isobel (in the middle of a chatty letter of local news) that Dougal had married the daughter of another farmer. Want to discover art related to mcgonagall? Check out inspiring examples of mcgonagall artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists

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McGonagall was the head of Gryffindor House during Harry’s years at Hogwarts (PS8) and was known for teaching challenging classes (CS6). She did not break rules (PA8) or tolerate misbehavior (CS5, PA14). She also refused to favor her own house (PS8); however, McGonagall cared deeply about Gryffindor’s success (PA10). She cried when Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup (PA15).Minerva McGonagall, who we first see in her cat shape, meets with Albus Dumbledore as baby Harry is brought to Number 4, Privet Drive. As they discuss the recent events that have brought Harry there, McGonagall unsuccessfully argues against Dumbledore leaving the infant with his aunt and uncle, calling them, "the very worst sort of Muggles." McGonagall also suggests that Hagrid might not have been the best choice to carry the infant Harry from his now-destroyed home in Godric's Hollow.

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  1. Underneath her stern exterior, it was always clear that McGonagall cared deeply for her students. Her first instinct was to protect them at all times (OP27, DH30), and she could become quite emotional when they were hurt (CS16). Even at Voldemort’s first defeat she did not celebrate, but instead mourned at the passing of James and Lily (PS1), both of whom were her all-time favorite students (PmP). McGonagall often got emotional over Harry’s safety in particular (GF20); she was proud to have him in her house (DH30) and was one of those who cried loudest when she believed him dead (DH36).
  2. Draco Malfoy's taunts combined with an after-the-whistle Bludger from Crabbe result in a brawl after a Quidditch match against Slytherin. Harry and George Weasley are called into McGonagall's office and assigned a week's detention. But Umbridge, appearing with a new Educational Decree, overrules her, and instead imposes a lifetime Quidditch ban on the two boys and confiscates their brooms. Fred Weasley is also banned, even though he was not involved. Umbridge ignores McGonagall's protests that the punishment is out of line.
  3. Professor McGonagall makes great efforts to behave fairly towards all students, including handing out House Points penalties to members of Gryffindor when she feels it warranted. Though she tries to hide it, we believe she has affection for Harry, supporting him emotionally when things are roughest for him.

MuggleNet is an unofficial Harry Potter fansite.Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.© 1999-2020 MuggleNet.com. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | COPPA Policy | Terms of Use | FeedbackDumbledore’un ölümünden sonra Hogwarts’ın müdürü olarak görevi devralan McGonagall, aynı zamanda okulun korunmasında en önemli rollerden birini oynamıştır.Çok kısa sürede, özellikle Transfiguration konusundaki yetenekleri ile diğer öğrencilerin arasından sıyrılan ve ön plana çıkan McGonagall, mezuniyetine geldiği zaman, neredeyse her alanda birincilikle okulu bitirmiştir. Aynı zamanda “Transfiguration’da En Çok Gelecek Vadeden Yeni Büyücü” ödülünü alarak mezun olan McGonagall, mezuniyetinden hemen sonra Sihir Bakanlığı’nda göreve başlamıştır.In the years to follow, Minerva remained close friends with her former Ministry boss, Elphinstone Urquart (Pm).  He surprised her in Madam Puddifoot‘s one day by proposing marriage to her, but she still loved Dougal, and she declined (Pm).  However, Elphinstone continued to propose to her periodically, and Minerva eventually agreed, in the wake of Voldemort’s first defeat (Pm).  Unfortunately, Elphinstone died of a Venomous Tentacula bite, three years into their happy marriage, and Minerva returned to her quarters in the castle, rather than continue to live in the Hogsmeade cottage she had shared with Elphinstone (Pm).  Minerva also mourned the loss of her brother, Robert, and Dougal McGregor–these at the hands of Voldemort during his first rise to power (PmP).

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Professor McGonagall should've won the house cup every year. Welcome to Next of Ken and today, we're counting down the 12 Times Professor McGonagall Was a Boss Ass Witch in the Harry Potter.. В «Фантастических тварях» молодую Минерву сыграла Фиона Глэскотт. 1,400 results for mcgonagall. Save mcgonagall to get e-mail alerts and Unfollow mcgonagall to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive

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The aged caretaker had just come hobbling into view, shouting, ‘Students out of bed! Students in the corridors!’ ‘They’re supposed to be, you blithering idiot!’ shouted McGonagall” (Deathly Hallows 602).After Barty's confession, Professor Dumbledore leaves McGonagall to guard him, and takes Harry to his office to see Sirius Black and discuss that night's events. Harry is then taken to the Hospital Wing, where Madam Pomfrey gives him a dreamless sleep potion. Professor McGonagall's noisy arrival awakens Harry. She reports that the Dementor that accompanied Cornelius Fudge to Hogwarts instantly administered the "Kiss" to Barty Crouch, sucking out his soul. Barty can no longer tell anyone anything. Minerva McGonagall is deputy Headmistress , head of Gryffindor House, Transfiguration professor, and McGonagall is described as a tall, rather severe-looking woman, with black hair typically drawn..

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  1. Answer: Minerva McGonagall
  2. Professor McGonagall remains unseen until the book's conclusion. McGonagall is called upon to unlock the Ravenclaw common room for Amycus Carrow, as the way to open the common room door is to answer a philosophical question posed by the eagle-head door knocker, and Amycus is unable to answer it. When Amycus finds Alecto lying unconscious in the Ravenclaw common room, he decides to frame the Ravenclaw students for her having summoned Voldemort. When McGonagall objects, Amycus tries to override her, spitting on her in the process. Harry, concealed under his Invisibility Cloak, curses Amycus, knocking him out. McGonagall quickly binds both Amycus and Alecto, then summons the other three House Heads as she and Harry, hidden under his cloak, head for her office. Severus Snape suddenly appears, demanding to know what is happening. Snape's suspicions of McGonagall's explanation escalates into a fierce duel. Snape breaks and runs when Flitwick and Sprout, followed by Slughorn, approach, and Snape crashes through a window, soaring away.
  3. McGonagall is just hoping he survives and Dumbledore is like, Can I clap yet? I think I should clap McGonagall: I've always loved Maggie Smith because of our similar names. She's a brilliant actress..
  4. McGonagall is such a funny character, but this isn’t always the case in the films. One of my favorite McGonagall moments is when she breaks the tension after their first Divination class in Prisoner of Azkaban.
  5. Professor McGonagall is portrayed as an older witch who takes great pains to hide her more sensitive side, perhaps fearing it will be construed as weakness and exploited against her. She is moderately successful at this, to the point that Harry is surprised when she shows him any special consideration. In particular, when Harry is sent to Professor McGonagall as a consequence of his first, disastrous Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with Professor Umbridge, McGonagall offers him a biscuit. Harry apparently considers this so uncharacteristic that he initially refuses. Harry is always surprised when he sees a lapse in her severity.
  6. Harry Potter Lore: Minerva McGonagall. Do you like this video? Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned.. —McGonagall's sternness and belief in her field

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Minerva McGonagall. Молчи в тряпочку (2005). Professor Minerva McGonagall, хроника, в титрах не указана. Гарри Поттер и философский камень (2001) Minerva McGonagall is a character in the Harry Potter series. She is Harry's Transfiguration professor, Deputy Headmistress under Albus Dumbledore, and Head of House for Gryffindor while Harry is at Hogwarts William McGonagall. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. William McGonagall. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Professor McGonagall is described as being tall, severe-looking, and has dark hair usually tied up in a bun.

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MCGONAGALL. Do you think it wise to trust Hagrid w/ something as important as this? HARRY. I think I can tell the wrong sort for my self thanks. MCGONAGALL. We're ready for you Upon graduation from Hogwarts, Minerva returned to the manse to enjoy one last summer with her family before setting out for London, where she had been offered a position at the Ministry of Magic (Department of Magical Law Enforcement). These months were to prove some of the most difficult of Minerva’s life, for it was then, aged only eighteen, that she proved herself truly her mother’s daughter, by falling head-over-heels in love with a Muggle boy.

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  1. Through all her early years at Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall remained on terms of friendship with her old boss at the Ministry, Elphinstone Urquart. He came to visit her while on holiday to Scotland, and to her great surprise and embarrassment, proposed marriage in Madam Puddifoot’s teashop. Still in love with Dougal McGregor, Minerva turned him down.
  2. Zümrüdüanka Yoldaşlığı’nın bir üyesi olan McGonagall, Hogwarts’ı ilgilendiren tüm savaşlarda çok aktif rol almıştır. 1995 yılında Dolores Umbridge’e karşı çıkması ile başlayan mücadeleleri, en son Hogwarts Savaşı’nda, Lord Voldemort’a karşı direnişin başına geçmesiyle tamamlanmıştır. Tüm savaşları sağ salim atlatmayı başaran Minerva McGonagall, hem karakteriyle hem de yetenekleriyle Hogwarts’ın en önemli isimlerinden birisidir.
  3. Professor Albus Dumbledore. Maggie Smith. Professor Minerva McGonagall. Alan Rickman. Professor Severus Snape
  4. ister. Being Scottish, she often wears tartan.

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We learn that Professor McGonagall is a member of the Order of the Phoenix when Harry, then staying at the Order's headquarters sees her arriving, looking somehow odd in Muggle clothes. Answer: Professor Minerva McGonagall. Question - What kind of spell is Flipendo When Harry gets another week's detention, McGonagall additionally penalizes him House points, for failing to heed her advice to avoid antagonizing Umbridge.

McGonagall666 has 2 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. McGonagall666. Joined Mar 4, 2020. Pro Albus Dumbledore discovered Minerva in tears in her classroom late that evening, and she confessed the whole story to him. Albus Dumbledore offered both comfort and wisdom, and told Minerva some of his own family history, previously unknown to her. The confidences exchanged that night between two intensely private and reserved characters were to form the basis of a lasting mutual esteem and friendship.Hogwarts’ta eğitimine 1947 – 1954 yılları arasında başlayan McGonagall, okula ilk geldiği sene, Seçmen Şapka’nın kafasını karıştıran ender karakterlerden biri olmuştur. Harry Potter’da olduğu gibi, Minerva McGonagall’da da şapkanın karar vermesi uzun süre almıştır. Ravenclaw ve Gryffindor evleri arasında kalan Seçmen Şapka, beş buçuk dakikalık bir düşünmeden sonra McGonagall’ı Gryffindor’a atamıştır.When Harry and Ron crash into the Whomping Willow with the flying car, Professor Snape sends for Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore. After hearing their story, Dumbledore leaves Professor McGonagall, their House Head, to determine their punishment. She gives both boys detentions but does not dock any House points. The detention she issues them, some few days later, is for Ron, under the supervision of Filch, to polish all the trophies in the Hogwarts trophy cases, while Harry has to assist Professor Lockhart answer his fan mail. Harry appeals to her to switch their assigned detentions, but Professor McGonagall says Professor Lockhart had specifically requested Harry.

— Конфриго. Who is the Transfiguration Professor? — Professor Minerva McGonagall. Кто преподаёт трансфигурацию? — Профессор Минерва Макгонагалл Following the Quidditch victory celebration, the House is awoken during the night by Ron's screams—Sirius Black was in his dorm. Sir Cadogan, the guardian of the Gryffindor tower, tells McGonagall that he granted access to someone who had a password list. McGonagall is furious to discover it is Neville Longbottoms's list, cancels his Hogsmeade weekends, and forbids him from having the password. Other students must now let him into the Gryffindor common room. After Black's break-in, Professor McGonagall tells Harry what he already knows: Black is trying to get to him.

The accidental death of Elphinstone from a Venomous Tentacula bite, three years into their marriage, was an enormous sorrow to all who knew the couple. Minerva could not bear to remain alone in their cottage, but packed her things after Elphinstone’s funeral and returned to her sparse stone-floored bedroom in Hogwarts Castle, accessible through a concealed door in the wall of her first-floor study. Always a very brave and private person, she poured all her energies into her work, and few people – excepting perhaps Albus Dumbledore – ever realised how much she suffered. Professor McGonagall questions Professor McGonagall questions: First question: What does Reparifarge do Merhaba, ben Michael Shaner. Ben bir Potterhead'im. Yani tam bir Harry Potter fanatiği. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite ve Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery haberleri, dedikoduları, rehberleri ve ipuçları için beni takip edin. Home Characters McGonagall family Minerva McGonagall. Minerva McGonagall was the Transfiguration professor and Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts for over forty years, and a powerful..

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Severus Rogue. Minerva McGonagall. Минерва МакГонагалл. Мінерва Макґонеґел. Minerva McGonagall. Lord Voldemort. Лорд Волан-де-Морт Minerva McGonagall, oldukça disiplinli ve prensipli bir öğretmen olarak bilinse de, bu konuda bazı istisnaları bulunuyor. Özellikle Harry Potter ve arkadaşlarına karşı iyi davranmasıyla tanınan McGonagall, Hermione’nin Time Turner cihazını kullanarak, daha fazla derse girmesine izin vermiştir. Time Turner’ı gizli tutması şartıyla Hermione’ye veren McGonagall, bu sayede dolaylı yoldan Sirius Black’in Azkaban’dan kaçmasına yardım etmiştir.

Wir haben gerade eine große Anzahl von Anfragen aus deinem Netzwerk erhalten und mussten deinen Zugriff auf YouTube deshalb unterbrechen. ··· Mcgonagall. (OC) Khaz'goroth. Blood Elf Frost Mage. Mcgonagall is currently staving off the armies of Kil'jaeden and hasn't gotten around to updating their profile yet

He has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher” (Order of the Phoenix 664).When Harry asks McGonagall if he can go to Hogsmeade for the weekend outing, despite lacking written permission from Uncle Vernon, McGonagall refuses. She will not stretch the rules that far. William Topaz McGonagall, the world's greateset poet. Unfortunately the whole of the rest of the world disagreed. His talent made him a sort of Victorian Chris Evans but without the cash Макгонагалл вернулась в Лондон и погрузилась в работу. Разбитое сердце омрачило ее последующие годы, несмотря на успешную карьеру. Дугал вскоре женился на дочери фермера, а Минерва еще долго не решалась впустить в сердце другого человека. Все это время девушку поддерживал ее начальник Элфинстоун Урхарт. Страстно влюбленный в свою подчиненную, он ждал, пока она обратит на него внимание. Мужчине пришлось сделать предложение не один раз, прежде чем Минерва, наконец, согласилась связать с ним жизнь. Minerva McGonagall is a fictional character in the Harry Potter books written by J. K. Rowling. This character is a teacher at the school Hogwarts, and a good character in the series. She helps Harry Potter, the main character, many times in the series

Check out our mcgonagall selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costumes shops When Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick are found petrified, Professor McGonagall escorts Harry to Professor Dumbledore's office, then leaves, allowing Harry and Dumbledore to speak privately.

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Minerva McGonagall is an Animagus, able to turn into a cat with markings around the eyes, similar to her square spectacles (PS1). Her Patronus is also a cat (DH30). She traditionally performs the Sorting ceremony at the Welcoming Feast (PS7, CS5, GF12, OP11). Director: David Yates. Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and others. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Online HD. As Harry begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, he discovers an old book marked as 'Property of the Half-Blood Prince'.. Rubeus Hagrid. Minerva McGonagall. Filius Flitwick. Severus Snape

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Hello, Professor McGonagall, said Moody calmly, bouncing the ferret still higher. What — what are you doing? said Professor McGonagall, her eyes following the bouncing ferret's progress through.. While we never see her in the battle with the Death Eaters, she is in the Hospital Wing after Dumbledore's death while they figure out what had happened. She is so shocked upon hearing that Dumbledore was killed by Snape, that Madam Pomfrey conjures her a chair. She said that Dumbledore had always said he trusted Snape, for good reason. Harry says that he knows the reason Dumbledore trusted Snape: Snape had carried the prophecy about Harry to Voldemort, and then repented of that to Dumbledore. McGonagall blames herself for sending Professor Flitwick to fetch Snape. The couple eloped, to the fury of both sets of parents. Now estranged from her family, Isobel could not bring herself to mar the bliss of the honeymoon by telling her smitten new husband that she had graduated top of her class in Charms at Hogwarts, nor that she had been Captain of the school Quidditch team. Isobel and Robert moved into a manse (minister’s house) on the outskirts of Caithness, where the beautiful Isobel proved surprisingly adept at making the most of the minister’s tiny salary. McGonagall loved to wear a gorgeous green cloak over her dress. The glasses worn by Minerva McGonagall are square with wire rims. There is no official pair of glasses for the Headmistress, but.. Minerva McGonagall’ın annesi Isobel Ross, kocası Robert’a olan aşkından dolayı tüm büyü yeteneklerinden vazgeçmiştir. Evlendikten sonra hiç büyü yapmayan ve büyücü kimliğini kocasından saklayan Ross, Minerva’nın doğumu ile birlikte, bebekliğinden itibaren ortaya çıkan kontrolsüz büyüler nedeniyle Robert’a bu durumu itiraf etmek zorunda kalmıştır. Minerva’dan sonra doğan iki kardeşinin de aynı büyük belirtilerini göstermesi üzerine, aralarındaki durum çok daha karmaşık hale gelen çift, bir süre tartışmış olsalar da her şeye rağmen ayrılmadan hayatlarına devam etmiştir.

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professor mcgonagall. 0. Minerva Mcgonagall Smith played Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series (2001-11) Though generally respectful of her fellow teachers, McGonagall had little patience for less competent colleagues. A sarcastic wit came out, for instance, in talking with Lockhart (CS16) or Trelawney (PA11); though she was willing to defend even Trelawney (OP26) – and lead the school in revolt (OP30) – when faced with Dolores Umbridge. She is a tough woman; McGonagall took four stunning spells to the chest and survived (OP31), although she walked with a walking stick for awhile afterwards (OP38).

At the beginning of the year, Professor McGonagall hands out timetables to the sixth-year students. The process is complicated because the courses that students can take are limited by their OWL scores. Hermione gets her courses straight away. Neville cannot take Transfiguration with only an Acceptable OWL, but his Charms grade is high enough for that course. While Neville is reluctant, saying that his grandmother believes Charms is a soft option, McGonagall comments that Augusta having failed her Charms OWL is no reason for her to argue against it. McGonagall informs Parvati Patil that Firenze and Professor Trelawney are splitting Divination classes. Harry's lost hope to become an Auror revives when Professor McGonagall tells him that Professor Slughorn accepts lower OWL grades than Professor Snape did for NEWT-level Potions classes. Both Harry and Ron enroll. Professor McGonagall also hands Harry a list with prospective Quidditch players for the House team. During Harry's first flying lesson, McGonagall spots him flying "like a natural" and recruits him for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, even though first-years are normally ineligible. Against school policy, she provides him a new broom – a Nimbus 2000. Quick ViewHarry Potter™ Minerva McGonagall™ DollOpens a popup [The Sorcerer's Stone] Harry goes to Hogwarts He meets Ron and Hermione McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor Draco is a daddy's boy Quirrell becomes unemployed The Sorcerer's Stone is..

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В Хогвартсе Минерва стала признанным профессионалом. Она прослыла строгим и требовательным учителем и ревностным хранителем дисциплины, не делающим ни малейших поблажек даже студентам собственного факультета: в первой книге она оштрафовала главных героев за ночные похождения на 100 баллов, что отбросило Гриффиндор на последнее место в школьном соревновании. McGonagall is powerful. She can duel with the best of them. She isn't as strong as Dumbledore or Voldemort, but she McGonagall is a force to be reckoned with, just not when compared with Snape Minerva McGonagall is the Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is also Head of Gryffindor House and Deputy Headmistress. McGonagall also has the distinction of being one of the seven licensed Animagi of the 20th Century, being able to transform at will into a tabby cat (with distinctive markings around its eyes, similar to the square-shaped spectacles she wears).

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Professor Minerva McGonagall is already everyone's favourite teacher and a certified war hero, but believe it or not, she didn't just flash into existence upon Harry Potter's arrival at Hogwarts Founder: Minerva McGonagall 62 - Stories: 42 - Followers: 0 - id: 62270. Stories with Minerva McGonagall as main person or at least one of the main persons. All pairings possible

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Though undoubtedly her feelings for the Ministry of Magic were coloured by the fact that she had recently suffered an emotional crisis, Minerva McGonagall did not much enjoy her new home and workplace. Some of her co-workers had an engrained anti-Muggle bias which, given her adoration of her Muggle father, and her continuing love for Dougal McGregor, she deplored. Though a most efficient and gifted employee, and fond of her much older boss, Elphinstone Urquart, Minerva was unhappy in London, and found that she missed Scotland. Finally, after two years at the Ministry, she was offered a prestigious promotion, yet found herself turning it down. She sent an owl to Hogwarts, asking whether she might be considered for a teaching post. The owl returned within hours, offering her a job in the Transfiguration department, under Head of Department, Albus Dumbledore.The birth of the young couple’s first child, Minerva, proved both a joy and a crisis. Missing her family, and the magical community she had given up for love, Isobel insisted on naming her newborn daughter after her own grandmother, an immensely talented witch. The outlandish name raised eyebrows in the community in which she lived, and the Reverend Robert McGonagall found it difficult to explain his wife’s choice to his parishioners. Furthermore, he was alarmed by his wife’s moodiness. Friends assured him that women were often emotional after the birth of a baby, and that Isobel would soon be herself again.Gizem Dairesi’nde yaşayanan savaştan sonra Hogwarts’a sakatlanmış bir şekilde gelen Minerva McGonagall, bir süre koltuk değnekleriyle yürümüştür.Harry startles McGonagall when he reveals he knows about the Philosopher's Stone, but when he presses to see Professor Dumbledore, she says he was summoned to London. This results in Harry, Ron, and Hermione deciding to go through the trap door to protect the Stone. In the final books, McGonagall shows she is an extremely adept and quick duelist, being able to overpower Severus Snape and stalemate Lord Voldemort himself with assistance. It is likely that if she had not elected to follow Dumbledore into education, that she would have made an excellent Auror, and she is likely a valuable Order of the Phoenix member if not their second in command.

Yetenekleri ve iradesi ile tanınan Profesör Minerva McGonagall, Hogwarts tarihinde çok önemli rollerde yer almıştır. Kendisi, Dumbledore'un ölümünden sonra Hogwarts'ın başına geçmiştir Near the end of May, Professor McGonagall sends Harry to the Quidditch pitch to receive instructions about the Third Task.

Dolores Umbridge’in Hogwarts öğrencilerine uyguladığı ceza metotlarına karşı gelen McGonagall, kendini riske atma pahasına Umbridge’e karşı çıkmıştır. Her ne kadar tartışmanın eşiğine gelse de her zaman sakin kalan Minerva, Dolores Umbridge’in kendisine büyük bir ceza vermesinin de önüne geçmeyi başarmıştır.В фильме Макгонагалл выглядит старше, чем в книжном описании: в начале первой книги, когда маленького Гарри оставляют на пороге дома Дурслей, ей всего 46 лет, а к моменту прибытия юного Поттера в Хогвартс — 55.Felsefe Taşı’nın Hogwarts’a getirilmesinden sonra, taşın korunmasında ciddi katkıları olan Minerva McGonagall, Sırlar Odası’na giden geçitteki devasa büyülü satranç tahtasını oluşturan kişidir. Büyü Satrancı olarak da bilinen bu satranç oyunu oldukça şiddet dolu bir aktivite olduğu için okulda yasaklı olsa da, Sırlar Odası’nın korunması amacıyla Minerva tarafından geçite yerleştirilmiştir.Muggle bir baba ve büyücü bir anneden gelen, melez bir büyücü olan Profesör Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter dünyasının en renkli ve özel karakterlerinden biri. Oldukça başarılı bir büyücü olmasının yanı sıra, aynı zamanda öğrenciler tarafından hem sevilen hem de saygı duyulan bir karakter olması, McGonagall’ı Hogwarts’ta bambaşka bir yere koyuyor.İçeriklerО ранних годах биографии персонажа известно в основном из дополнительных материалов. Впервые в саге Макгонагалл уже появляется опытной учительницей с солидным стажем работы в Хогвартсе. Согласно канонической истории, описанной на сайте Pottermore, Минерва родилась в 1935 году. Эту дату фанаты вычислили на основе информации из 5-й книги, где упомянута дата начала преподавательской карьеры героини — 1956 год. Известно, что после окончания школы юная Минерва 2 года проработала в Министерстве магии, что также помогло подсчитать возраст персонажа.

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With Dumbledore's departure, as well as Fred and George Weasley's exit, the school has become largely unmanageable. In silent rebellion, the teachers do nothing to help Umbridge regain control. At one point, McGonagall walks, apparently uncaring, past Peeves as he unscrews a crystal chandelier, though she might have told him that it turned the other way. She went home, intending to tell her parents of her engagement, yet found herself unable to do so. All that night she lay awake, thinking about her future. Dougal did not know what she, Minerva, truly was, any more than her father had known the truth about Isobel before they had married. Minerva had witnessed at close quarters the kind of marriage she might have if she wed Dougal. It would be the end of all her ambitions; it would mean a wand locked away, and children taught to lie, perhaps even to their own father. She did not fool herself that Dougal McGregor would accompany her to London, while she went to work every day at the Ministry. He was looking forward to inheriting his father’s farm.Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Leanne carry a necklace that cursed Katie Bell back to the school. McGonagall has Professor Snape inspect it. Harry, over Ron and Hermione's objections, states that Draco Malfoy must be involved. McGonagall says that Draco was serving detention in her office during the attack. Çok disiplinli ve idealist bir öğretmen olarak bilinen Minerva, bu özellikleri sayesinde, öğrencilere ciddi başarılar kazandırması üzerine Gryffindor evinin başına geçmeyi başarmıştır. Dumbledore tarafından en çok güvenilen isimlerden biri olan McGonagall, bir süre sonra okulun müdür yardımcılığına getirilmiştir.During Transfiguration class, McGonagall lectures about Animagi and is surprised that students fail to react when she transforms herself into a cat. When told that Professor Trelawney had predicted a student will die soon, she seems to have to restrain herself from criticizing another teacher or subject, but she reassures them by saying that Trelawney predicts a student's death every year and none have yet died.

A: Professor McGonagall. Q: Where did we meet? A: In the castle Although a strict teacher, she has her students' respect. Despite her discipline often being severe, it is always fair and even-handed, nor does she show favoritism to her own House, several times deleting points from any misbehaving Gryffindor student. Professor McGonagall possesses a tender side, and always considers the students' welfare to be her most important vocation, but she takes pains to conceal it. Following Harry's unpleasant encounter with a Dementor on the Hogwarts Express, Professor McGonagall takes him and Hermione into her office. She summons Madam Pomfrey, who is glad that they now have a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher (Remus Lupin) who actually knows some medical remedies (chocolate being the antidote to the after-effects of Dementors). Professor McGonagall suggests he rest, but Harry insists he is fine and requests permission to attend the Welcome Feast. McGonagall consents but asks to speak privately with Hermione. Harry does not discover why until later. Мэгги Смит. Maggie Smith. Minerva McGonagall. Миранда Ричардсон. Miranda Richardson

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When Harry, defending himself against Draco, uses Sectumsempra, Snape gives him detention every Saturday for the remainder of the year. It is mentioned that McGonagall agrees with Snape's setting this amount of detention. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Mcgonagall GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY Despite how horrible Umbridge was, she really brought out McGonagall’s sassy side. It’s such a shame we didn’t get to see more of these interactions between the two during the films.

McGonagall is a highly intelligent and an incredibly powerful witch. She is a particular expert at Transfiguration, but was extremely able in virtually all other areas of magic, also. She was also surprisingly capable in the Dark Arts field, despite not practicing it. The proof of this being she was able to cast a successful Imperious Curse (one of the three Unforgivable Curses) on Amycus Carrow. A small sample of his work will give a flavour of its unintentional comedic value. The following was written as part of a poem commemorating a Victorian railway disaster:

At Hallowe'en, Harry and Ron defeat a mountain troll that was about to attack Hermione Granger in the girls' bathroom. To cover for them, Hermione tells McGonagall that she intended to tackle it herself, but that Harry and Ron came to her aid; McGonagall penalizes Hermione five House points while rewarding Harry and Ron five points each—for sheer dumb luck. It's about Mcgonagall's timeline, as Crimes of Grindelwald seems to A lot of people have commented on the fact that McGonagall was both a teacher in 1927 (when Dumbledore got questioned by the.. Immediately prior to the Third Task, Professor McGonagall tells Harry that the Champions and their families are congregating in a small room off the Great Hall. Harry, not expecting anyone, remains in the Great Hall until Cedric Diggory, the other Hogwarts Champion, summons him. Mrs. Weasley and Bill Weasley have come to watch him compete.

McGonagall's part in guarding the Philosopher's Stone was to create a giant enchanted chess set, that forces Ron to play a game through, before it will allow Harry and Hermione to pass on to the next barrier. Minerva McGonagall. 1.3K likes. Professora de Transfiguração na Escola de Magia e Bruxaria de Hogwarts. See more of Minerva McGonagall on Facebook Minerva was the Roman goddess of warriors and wisdom. William McGonagall is celebrated as the worst poet in British history. There was something irresistible to me about his name, and the idea that such a brilliant woman might be a distant relative of the buffoonish McGonagall. Minerva McGonagall made a confusing appearance in the Crimes of Grindelwald that has many fans questioning whether author J.K. Rowling made a massive mistake

When Hermione informs McGonagall that Harry received an expensive Firebolt broom from an unknown person for Christmas, McGonagall confiscates it, saying that Professor Flitwick and Madam Hooch will inspect it for any concealed Dark Magic. Информацию о дате рождения подтвердила сама Джоан Роулинг, поэтому фанаты вселенной Гарри Поттера сильно удивились, увидев Макгонагалл в фильме «Фантастические твари: Преступления Грин-де-Вальда», события в котором разворачиваются за 8 лет до рождения волшебницы. Поняв ошибку, авторы сценария оперативно удалили со страницы Минервы на Pottermore все цитаты с упоминанием дат, но внимательные поклонники не упустили промаха и раскритиковали писательницу за неточность. Answer - Professor Binns. Question - Who is the Transfiguration professor? Answer - Minerva McGonagall

During Transfiguration class shortly after the First Task, Professor McGonagall announces that a Yule Ball is part of the Triwizard Tournament. Fourth-year and above will be allowed to attend, as will younger students as their guests. McGonagall privately tells Harry that the Champions and their partners traditionally lead the way into the Ball and to have the first dance. Harry is shocked: he has only a month to find a date, learn to dance, and prepare to lead the schools into the ball. McGonagall is extremely loyal to Albus Dumbledore and his causes. She was one of his most accomplished students in Transfiguration. Although she had a successful Ministry career, she wanted to teach at Hogwarts, where Dumbledore still taught. В экранизациях харизматичного профессора Хогвартса сыграла актриса Мэгги Смит. Ее игру критики и поклонники сочли блестящей, но на удивление сама Смит осталась не слишком довольна своей работой, заявив, что не сумела вжиться в роль Минервы. Возможно, ей помешала тяжелая болезнь — во время съемок «Гарри Поттера и Даров смерти» Мэгги была вынуждена бороться с раком груди. Ей удалось добиться ремиссии, но долгие часы на съемочной площадке были для актрисы мучением.

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On the first day of classes, Professor McGonagall hands out timetables. In Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Harry argues with Professor Umbridge about whether or not Voldemort has returned. He is given a note that he must take to McGonagall, where he learns he has been given detention every day for a week. McGonagall asks if he had understood Umbridge's welcoming speech, and Harry suggests it means that the Ministry was going to be taking a more active hand in running Hogwarts. McGonagall comments that she is glad Harry at least listens to Hermione. She then warns Harry to be cautious around Umbridge, especially in keeping his temper, to give her the least possible reason to punish Harry. Согласно описанию Роулинг, личная жизнь героини, как и у ее родителей, сложилась неудачно. После окончания Хогвартса она поехала навестить отца с матерью. Во время каникул в родительском доме Минерва влюбилась в соседского юношу-магла по имени Дугал. Роман развивался быстро, и 3 месяца спустя он уже сделал ей предложение, на которое девушка ответила согласием, но через пару дней мучительных размышлений отказалась, понимая, что их брак никогда не станет счастливым, ведь ей придется отречься от способностей, карьеры, самой себя.

Harry, distraught over Sirius' death, nearly gets into a duel with Draco Malfoy, who blames Harry for his father being sentenced to Azkaban prison. Professor Snape intervenes, then prepares to penalize Harry House points, only to discover the Gryffindor hourglass is empty. Professor McGonagall happens to return from St. Mungo's, recovered but still physically weak and using a walking stick. She sends Draco and his cronies off, then awards House points to all students who participated in the battle at the Ministry. She then subtracts the points that Snape intended to deduct. Minerva McGonagall, who assigns newcomers like Harry to one of the school's four houses. Richard Harris is headmaster Dumbledore, his beard so long that in an Edward Lear poem.. In Professor McGonagall's office after their return from the Chamber, Harry and Ron describe what happened in the Chamber and the events leading up to it. Dumbledore sends McGonagall to arrange a celebratory feast. Later, to the now-revived Hermione's dismay, Professor McGonagall announces that all final exams have been canceled. Minerva drew unusual attention to herself on her very first evening, when she was revealed to be a Hatstall. After five and a half minutes, the Sorting Hat, which had been vacillating between the houses of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, placed Minerva in the latter. (In later years, this circumstance was a subject of gentle humour between Minerva and her colleague Filius Flitwick, over whom the Sorting Hat suffered the same confusion, but reached the opposite conclusion. The two Heads of house were amused to think that they might, but for those crucial moments in their youths, have exchanged positions). Minerva McGonagall, İskoç bir Presbiteryen Papaz ve Hogwarts'ta eğitim görmüş bir cadının ilk ve tek Hogwarts'taki ilk yıllarında, Minerva McGonagall Bakanlık'taki eski amiri Elphinstone Urquart ile..

Professor McGonagall blew her I dont know in reply. Dumbledore turned and walked back down the street. On the corner I have stopped and took out the silver Put-Outer  by MuggleNet · Published August 27, 2015 · Last modified October 18, 2017 Needlework, correcting articles in Transfiguration Today, watching Quidditch, supporting the Montrose Magpies (WW) 2020 popular snape wand, hagrid, cloak green, harri trends in Novelty & Special Use, Toys & Hobbies, Jewelry & Accessories, Men's Clothing with Mcgonagall and snape wand, hagrid, cloak green, harri

Professor McGonagall, with Hagrid, Professor Moody, and Professor Flitwick, will patrol the maze's outer perimeter during the Third Task, rescuing anyone who fails the challenges. When Hedwig is injured while delivering Sirius' message to Harry, he takes her to Professor Grubbly-Plank in the staff room. Professor McGonagall is also there, and she warns Harry that all communication channels in and out of Hogwarts are likely being monitored. Minerva McGonagall Maggie Smith in Harry Potter Universe McGonagall is the Headmistress of Hogwarts by the time Harry’s son Albus Potter arrives at Hogwarts (CC).

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