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I honestly recommend the Glock 19 to almost anyone who finds it vaguely comfortable to hold. It’s easily concealable as long as you’re not in beachwear or lingerie; it doesn’t weigh too much; it doesn’t kick too bad if you’re sensitive to recoil; it doesn’t take a lot of practice to master its usage; it’s not hard to take care of; it’s not horribly expensive; it’s not horribly expensive to shoot. Pistole Glock v Řadě Compact jsou o něco menší a lehčí než modely v základní řadě Standard, jsou proto vhodné pro běžné služební a jako služební zbraň. Ráže 9x19. Délka závěru 174 mm. Výška 127 mm. Šířka 30 mm. Vzdálenost mezi mířidly 153 mm; 159 mm pro Glock 19C. Délka hlavně 102 mm Thats funny. I’ve carried a 19C both a 3rd and 4th generation for about 8-9 years now as a duty gun. I’ve fired quals in the day and night. In a self defense shooting you will not notice the flash. At all. This is not only true with compensated handguns, but even with short barrels rifles at night. Most won’t even recall seeing their front sight. With 147 grain American Eagle training ammunition it is negligible. With 147 grain Federal HST duty ammunition it is very low with no meaningful FPS loss that would matter. As far as blast when shot in a protected position, such as a speed rock, you will not notice it in a defensive use of the weapon. In a range situation you just tilt the weapon further over and carry on. This a a training issue and one easily worked thru by a competent shooter. The compensated version of these guns are winners. Those sensitive to recoil, particularly with the torque of the 40 in a 23 platform, and making the gun track flatter and quicker on target is measurable and a real thing. Real life is slow to catch up with the competitive world and is about 10-15 years behind the curve. Compensation and red dot sights took over IPSC and USPSA for a reason. Split times, shot recovery and tracking are the reason. Things that are also important when you are trying to reverse which way most of the rounds are going in a gunfight.

For some shooters with smaller hands, this may even allow them to reach the trigger more easily than before. For those shooters with larger hands, or for anyone who really likes the size of the third generation guns, Glock includes two additional grip backstrap panels to increase the grip width. The Glock 19 Gen4, in 9x19, introduces revolutionary design changes to the pistol that has found worldwide acclaim with security services both private and public. The Modular Back Strap design lets you instantly customize its grip to adapt to an individual shooter's hand size The primary issue is that the dual recoil spring was so powerful that it was causing jams. As stated above, Glock initially denied the issue saying that owners were using poor quality ammunition that caused the jams. However, roughly two years after the release of the Gen 4 Glock admitted that there was a problem and issued a recall on the recoil spring. This issue has been the primary complaint specific to the Glock 19 Gen 4. Glock 19 Gen 4 WIP. Posted 2 years ago The Glock 17 and 19 has been the gold standard for combat handguns since shortly after its introduction to the US market in 1988. Some of you 1911 guys out there are going to dispute that, but the widespread adoption and high sales numbers of the compact 9mm tells a very clear story, the Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols in the world.

I won’t use the old line of “if you can only have one handgun” about the Glock 19, because it’s not the only one I own. While a good case could be made for it as the best all-around defensive pistol, many detractors would yell that it’s a 9mm, and not a .45ACP or even a .40S&W, both of which have more stopping power. The Glock 23 is the same weapon chambered in .40, and I would likely own the 23 instead, but for three reasons. 499 USD. If you loved the original you'll love the Generation 4. Whether it's personal defense, plinking cans or competition, you'll appreciate the easy handling, light weight, and smooth-shooting performance of the Glock 19 Gen 4. It features the new Modular Back Strap which lets you customize the grip.. We have been kicking around a Diamondback DB15 AR-pattern pistol for the past several weeks and have a report from...

Clearly, the Glock 19 is one of my favorite firearms. I like the fact that it’s 9mm. I like that it can take a magazine from the Glock 17 for 2 additional rounds, or the Glock 18, which is a non-USA selectable-fire model that comes with a 30 round magazine! Yes, you can get the 30 round magazines in the states (check your local laws). KCI brand knock-offs are readily available from places like cheaperthandirt.com. With that and a good weaponlight your 19 becomes a home defense demon! Then remove the huge stick of a 30rd mag, remove the weaponlight, stick the 19 in a comfy holster, and it becomes a perfect concealed carry piece!Hi love my gen 4 19 it was sending brass to the face,sent it in to glock on there dime,returned to me in two weeks. 300 rounds of different loads 115,147 grain ,perfect. This is my carry weapon,love it. Go shoot it and have fun.Since my initial GLOCK 17 purchase, I’ve probably owned every model out there except the select-fire GLOCK 18, and that’s because the 18 is restricted to law enforcement and military sales. However, I did have the opportunity to fire a GLOCK 18, and it was a blast — literally! I worked with the late Col. Rex Applegate, on the very first video that Paladin Press produced, and we had a prototype GLOCK 23 to play with. It worked most of the time — it came with an unmodified GLOCK 19 magazine, and the rounds didn’t always feed properly. Grey ghost prec glock 19 slide gen 4 V2 w/pro cut black. Ghost magazine extension kit glock 19 gen 1-4 plus 3 RNDS

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  1. I had a G19 Gen 4 spit brass right back at me today, almost got stuck in my hair. Luckily I got it out before it burned me.
  2. Had a little problem with brass in face. Called Glock and they sent me a recoil spring. NO MORE PROBLEMS. This is one sweet shooting 9mm. I am 67 years old and with perp target can keep shots in kill zone. Even with old eyes. I am a old revolver man. But cleaning a Glock spoiled me. LOVE IT.
  3. Weapons for GTA San Andreas - Glock 19 Gen4 with auto-installer free download. Replace model files. desert_eagle.dff (0.23mb) desert_eagle.txd (2.06mb). DOWNLOAD Glock 19 Gen4
  4. I just got my wife a new Gen 4 19 to replace her xds 9. She loves it. Watch all the different youtube videos you can find on it Dated within the last year. Then just the average search. The trigger is confusing to some, but its like all guns, only put finger on gun when, aimed, and ready to shoot. Be sure to look up videos on the Gen4 Glock reset trigger. If you are comfortable with a pistol, which sounds like you are. I think you will be very happy like my wife.
  5. The Gen 4 series of Glock pistols were introduced in 2010. Other features include a reversable magazine release, a Tenifer matte finish slide and new grip texture. Changes in the Gen 4 design are significant enough such that not all parts can be mixed and matched with previous Glock generations

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Finally! Something to help with the tremendous recoil of that 9mm!!! Now I can finally sell my .9mm and 44 mag to get a big boy 9mm!Glock 19 Gen4 odb beautiful a jam per approximately 100 rounds, bought it new in box in June 2017 a friend told me has to be the spring, i have 3 magazines all Glock factory have jams with all 3 he inspected the pistol and the conclusion is to change the spring ? The Glock 19 Gen 4 is a powerful, accurate, no-frills semi-automatic handgun. The fact that it comes from a brand whose models have become standard equipment of professional law enforcement also makes it a very good choice for your personal protection. With a caliber of 9 x 19 mm, this model is.. 3 times a charm? I’ve owned, and sold, three Glocks; 19, 20 and a 21. Never again will I own one. Unconfortable, inaccurate jamomatics with all the sex appeal of a, plastic, brick. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a few other imperfect Plastic Fantastics. The FNX’s, 9 & 40, make the 19 trigger look feather light. At least they are accurate, reliable and fully ambidextrous. No other issues with only about 7,000 rounds between them.If you're looking to pick up a pistol-caliber carbine, the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 has been a handy, reliable and affordable option since...

I have a gen 3 glock 20C. With full power loads I can’t tell a difference with the ported and normal barrel. Just more noise and blast. Front sight is completely sooted over after around 150 rounds. Got it for a good price used otherwise I’d have went with the normal model.This lack of advantage comes with a drawback. Shooting subsonic Cap Arms 9mm 115gr FMJ, I experienced a double feed malfunction every few rounds. This didn’t occur shooting the same ammo through my standard Gen4 19, or when I fed the 19C some Sellier & Bellot 115 gr FMJ or Remington 115 gr JHP.Maintaining a gun can be a chore, depending on what it is. However, like an all stainless steel revolver, a Glock is basically maintenance free. Just clean it after you shoot it and you’re done. You can thank it’s rugged durability, mostly, but also another aspect that you can’t see without taking it apart: it’s easy to take apart. The GLOCK 19, gen 4 weighs in at 23.65 ounces, and has a 4.02 inch barrel, with a trigger pull of approximately 5.5 lbs. The recoil spring set-up is slightly stouter on the Gen 4 model 19 than it was on previous generations. And, you can safely shoot +P and +P+ 9mm in the 19 without any problems Post navigationPrevious Previous post: The Best Red Dot Sight for Shotguns in 2020 ReviewsNext Next post: Best Scopes for .30-30 Lever Action Rifles in 2020Filed Under: Gun Reviews

This Glock 26 Gen4 has been totally jam-free. Folks who hadn't used the Advantage Tactical sights before didn't like the Firefly, but those who had did. One student in that week's class was a sergeant in a large sheriff's department who carries her own privately owned/department-approved Glock 19C.. Glock did change the slide finish from the crinkled finish on the Gen 3 pistols to a smoother but more rust prone finish on the Gen4. You also get a loaded chamber indicator on the extractor, no more guessing if it is loaded. You should always check the chamber to be double sure, though.  Another important reason to recommend the Glock 19 Gen 4 are the controls, which are pure simplicity. When there is a round in the chamber, the pistol is ready to fire. However, until the trigger is pressed, there are three separate safety mechanisms to guard against an unintentional discharge. Pressing the trigger deactivates each safety in turn until the pistol fires. In this way a Glock is both safe and ready for immediate use.Safety Tip: Visually inspect the barrel against the light to insure it looks shiny clear of rust and debris. This is important to safety as well, as it’s possible part of your patch or rod could be lodged inside. A good gunsmith friend of mine forgot to look one day and blew his fingertip off when test firing a rifle he didn’t check after cleaning quickly. It can happen to anyone. Don’t let it be you.

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Adesso è ufficiale: quest'autunno GLOCK lancerà sul mercato tre nuovi modelli, G45, G17 Gen5 MOS e G19 Gen5 MOS. Ma cosa caratterizza le nuove pistole austriache? Abbiamo avuto l'occasione di esaminarle e ve le presentiamo in anteprima The GLOCK 19 Gen4, in 9×19, introduces revolutionary design changes to the pistol that has found worldwide acclaim with security services both private and public. The Modular Back Strap design lets you instantly customize its grip to adapt to an individual shooter's hand size So you act surprised that a compensated gun has a lot of flash at night and knock it down a star and a half?

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GLOCK ships the 19C Gen4 in the standard plastic lunchbox with three magazines, a loader, cleaning tools, lock, back straps and the standard manual (that I read from cover to cover). As you'd expect, the 19C is about as visually distinct from the standard 19 as one Olsen twin is from the other First of all I’m not really a Glock fan. Your really turned me off with the picture above showing improper grip of a handgun. Is that you? Home Forums > Glock Talk > General Glocking >. Glock 19 Gen 5 vs. Gen 4. Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Tosh Lanquist, Dec 24, 2017. I'm a first time buyer so I got a gen 5. However a gen 4 would please me all the same.. I guess you just need to ask yourself would you rather save.. Time limit exceeded. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. six  +   =  15 .hide-if-no-js { display: none !important; }

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Could start out all stainless steel everything with a Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0. Just saying if haven’t shot one worth a serious look.Step 14 – Because I can’t leave it with 13, haha… Put the mag back in and ready the weapon for storage or carry! Mine lives (in either situation) in this Fobus kydex paddle holster. It’s cheap. It works. It serves as a trigger guard because neither of my children can yet pull the pistol from this holster thanks to its firm retention. Don’t worry, I keep it locked up anyway when at home, as should you.Step 13 – Reinstall the slide/barrel assembly onto the frame. Line it up as in the picture for step 5, above. It’s a simple tongue and groove system. Put it on front to back, like pressing “rewind” on the way it came off. Only this time you don’t have to pull the release sliders. Continue moving the slide along the rails until you will find a moment of pressure, where it stops. This will be when the rear of the slide is about 1/2 inch from the rear of the frame (shown: right). This is not a problem, it’s normal. Grasp the slide firmly and in one motion rack it as though chambering a round.

I have owned several glock 17 handguns including 3rd gen 17 and 17L, 2 4th gen 17, and I presently own a 3rd gen 19c. As a defensive or concealed handgun I have no complaints. Have fired 1000″s of rnds. of all types without a single malfunction. most of my training is on the move, using barricades, kneeling, standing, etc. I do a lot of point shooting inside 7 yards and my controlled pairs/dbl taps are within 1-2″ of each other. This weapon is highly accurate and I have never had issues in low light. I also shoot 8.5″ and 10.5 ” ar pistols in all types of lighting and have no issues. is there flash? yes but as someone who fires between 5 and 10 thousand rounds a year through a variety of weapons over the last 44 years I find that training, training and training are the three most important aspects in shooting. Compensated guns are definitely an advantage as the earlier post stated. Top competitors use them for a reason. That being said I purchased the 19c used at a substantial savings. you shoot what suits you that’s the awesome part of being in the USA. I wouldn’t trade my 19c for any other handgun out there.it’s fun to lean a pair of nickels in the slide slots and try to hit them in the air after they launch from the first shot.On the other hand, the S. Korean-made 31-rd .40 S&W magazines I’ve tested have proven less than reliable. If I had to grab and run, in a survival situation, I’d grab my GLOCK 19, with several spare 15-rd magazines, as well as my Blackhawk Products 9mm machine gun leg pouch, which nicely holds 3 of the extended 33-rd magazines in it–along with an AR-15 or an AK-47, of course.

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I’ve had my gen 4 g19 since 2011. Probably about 4-5k through it. I haven’t had any problems with it. It protects me and my dog from pitbulls, meth heads, and drug dealers on a regular basis. I once had 4 guys threatening to beat the shit out of me, then one of them pulled a revolver. I shot at him twice, him and his buddies took off running except for the one meth head who started to climb over a fence to come and attack me. I’m looking to pick up another glock maybe the new g45, or a 19 or 17. I trust glock pistols.You can see the two grooves that the backstraps interface with, simply snap them in place and replace the polymer pin with the longer one provided with the backstraps. That’s three boxes of plinker ammo. I can rarely afford more than that at a time, and it’s usually just two boxes. If you shoot 300 rounds every time you go to the range, by damn clean your gun when you get home! Tactical Adapter Aluminum Glock PRO Plus Magwell for Glock 17 19 23 32 38 Gen 3/4 Gun Pistol Grip Base Extender Hunting Gadgets. Popular glock 19 gen of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress. We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you Disassembly and cleaning is a cinch. I just like to sit on the couch and play with the darn thing, which annoys my Colombian fiance. I thought that guns were as natural to them as coc…(you know my friend Pablo). I tell her this and she shows no expression. Hmmm. Of course I’m from Pakistan so who am I to poke fun at her! Anyway, to everyone outhere, go get the G19 Gen 4. No regrets here.

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  1. Many first-time gun buyers will buy a GLOCK of some sort because they see many police officers carrying a GLOCK. And gun shop clerks will often recommend a GLOCK. Many of my firearms classes students who come to a class with no handgun will borrow my GLOCK 19 and run right out and purchase one for themselves. The security personnel at the U.N. also carry GLOCK 19s, too.
  2. The primary reason I recommend the Glock 19 Gen 4 is its efficient size. I feel it strikes the perfect balance between being big enough to handle well and compact enough to be easy to conceal. The Glock 19 grip is just long enough to make sure your pinky finger isn’t left hanging from the bottom of the gun the way it is with most compact pistols.
  3. Step 2 – Decompress the striker spring. Translated: squeeze the trigger. The gun will not come apart if it is cocked. Dry firing won’t hurt it any worse than dropping it from a cliff then running over it with a Mack truck, which is to say, it won’t hurt it a bit.
  4. Hi Tim, I agree with your findings; my 3gen 19C is for defense. Now on ammo, for defense and packing in the woods in bear county; look in to what I use; Buffalo Bore 9mm +P 147 gr solid cast low flash; they call ” the out doors man” load. Watch the video where that load stoped a grizzly bear, impressive! 🙂 PS, they state that load can penetrate up to 3ft of gel; car doors, house walls and such.
  5. The recoil spring set-up is slightly stouter on the Gen 4 model 19 than it was on previous generations. And, you can safely shoot +P and +P+ 9mm in the 19 without any problems. The slide has a Tennifer coating that defies rusting; I’m told the coating is actually harder than a diamond. And, even if the black wears off, the coating is still there and the slide won’t rust. And, as mentioned, the frame is polymer.
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Anyway, I ran 100 rounds of federal +p+ through it and it loved it. Indoor range, light off, flash was a non issue. The concussion on the first shot was noticeable on the first shot after firing my 17, but not an issue after expecting it. Ports are cool. I carry a ported M&P Shield in 9mm and own the standard non-ported version. The ports do make a small but noticeable difference. I’ve shot the ported gun in competition and every little bit helps. The fire out the ports looks awesome on video but has been a non issue when doing flashlight stages. Am I worried about holding the gun close? No. In a defensive situation it is a non issue. During practice where I shoot a lot I just deal with it. Is there a downside to ports? The gun is noticeably louder. I’ve shot the ported Glocks and liked them. I don’t think I’d pay more just for the ports but I think there is a small benefit and sometimes something small makes all the difference.I have a 2015 glock 19 gen 4 and not one jam or issue in almost 6 years,I would buy another one in a heart beat!In fact i just ordered a glock 23 gen 4!I got me a new Glock 19 Gen 4. It cam with the newer 04 spring since the original 03 spring was causing jams. Another common complaint about the Glock 19 Gen 4 is erratic shell ejection. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can be. There have been enough complaints about the Gen 4 that I would not be willing to risk the hassle. If I could find a first generation Glock 19, I would snatch it up in a second

Glock 19 Gen4. The GLOCK 19 is ideal for versatile use through reduced dimensions compared with the standard pistol size. With the proven caliber of 9x19, it has found worldwide distribution in security services Lots of pistols make use of convoluted levers and pins and make you spin things around and pull things out … what a pain. And for someone new to firearms, it can be challenging remembering how to do it. Not so with Glocks. They have one of the easiest take-down mechanisms out there.Those are some of the reasons I own this pistol. Other reasons? It’s tough. As. Hell. Yes, it’s polymer (plastic) framed, but this is no recycled soda bottle stuff. It’s virtually indestructible. That durability has been well proved since Glock debuted in 1982, and the model 19 in 1988. These are the weapons of choice for many police departments, “agencies” and security forces around the world for a reason. Review of the Glock 19 Gen 3 9mm with field strip and more.. Why I chose a Gen 3 over a Gen 4 Glock 19. This is my Glock 19 generation 3 chambered in 9mm. Sub compact 15+1 magazine capacity, has a competition spring kit and Ghost trigger connector installed in Just taking a few..

600 €. Dimensioni ottimali per un porto in fondina di servizio come per il porto occulto. Per tutti coloro che devono affidarsi alla propria arma ed esigono il 100% in fatto di sicurezza ed affidabilità. Guida di montaggio per l'alloggiamento dei moduli tattici luce/laser. 1 caricatore aggiuntivo compreso GLOCK’s machined a small angled slit into to the top of the chamber, right where the slide and the chamber meet. I’m guessing that it reduces friction on the compensated model. (It sure isn’t a style thing.)There are two slits about a quarter inch apart at about the midway point between the GLOCK 19C’s chamber and the muzzle. As you know, these allow the gasses to escape out the top of the slide when the gun’s fired. The basic idea; those escaping gasses reduce muzzle rise and recoil. Step 7 – Take hold of the breech end of the barrel and lift it out of the slide. Alternately, turn the slide back right-side-up and the barrel will fall out, smashing your toe if you’re barefoot and standing.

The operation is simple, when you pull the trigger, the trigger bar and cruciform move rearward cocking the striker, then the cruciform drops down to release the striker. The stupid simple mechanism has been copied and adapted all over the world in dozens of pistols. Heck, the Smith & Wesson Sigma pistols were almost a direct copy of the Glock action, leading to a lawsuit that cost Smith a bunch of money.  Glock 19 Gen 4 Vera Blue Battle Born Pistol NiB slide 9mm 15 RD. (MPN: PG1950203-VBL-BAT-FR-NIB-BAT-SL). Glock 19 - G19 gen 4 4IN 9MM luger handgun pistol firearm, gas nitride black fixed night SIGHTS15+1RD Glock19 gen4. Facebook'ta. Glock19 gen4. ile bağlantı kurmak için şimdi Facebook'a katıl

OP, Gen 4 Glocks are not illegal to own. They just can't be purchased directly from an FFL due to the wonderful roster we have here. In that case, all that needs to be done is fill out a form (which is sent to CA DOJ) and pay a $19 fee. This is dictated by State law Fired 50 rounds through my new Glock 19 Gen 4 yesterday, flawlessly. Love how it feels in my hands. I’m still working with break-in period and my muscles adjusting to the recoil of a new gun, so it may be too early to comment on accuracy.I’m told that, the GLOCK 19 is the most popular model in the GLOCK line-up, and I don’t see any argument there. The GLOCK 19 is smaller than the full-sized model 17 and larger than the sub compact model 26 — it’s “just right” as Goldilocks would say. To be sure, the 19 is my favorite GLOCK model, too. My oldest daughter and my wife also carry a GLOCK 19; they are concealed weapon permit holders. The polymer frame has finger grooves on the front strap, and the sides and back strap have little “nubs” for a sure grip on the gun under any weather conditions. FOR GEN 4 MODEL 19 Designed specifically for use in Glock 19 (Gen4) pistols, the LMS-G4-19G replaces Glock's factory spring guide assembly with a high intensity green laser sighting system for advanced target acquisition. Easily user installed without the need for gunsmithing or special tools.. You should also take note that the GLOCK 19 will take the 17-rd GLOCK 17 magazine in a pinch, although it will extend below the butt of the gun. Also, GLOCK makes a 33-rd extended magazine. I’ve used ’em and they work. However, I’ve also used the S. Korean-made 33-rd after-market magazines, and I’ve had no problems with them. These knock-offs are usually less than half the price of genuine GLOCK 33-rd 9mm magazines.

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  2. Replika modelu Glock 19 GEN.4 s černým polymerovým rámem a kovovým závěrem od firmy WE. G19 je kompaktnější model konstrukčně vycházející ze základní varianty full-size pistole G17. Je nám líto, ale produkt je dočasně nedostupný. Připravili jsme pro vás možnost sledovat jeho naskladnění
  3. Finish up with a very light application of lubricant/protectant on the metal parts, including into the striker spring housing at the rear of the frame. Don’t leave it dripping!
  4. It’s like a 30 FPS loss…rarely more. See: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/glock-19-and-19c-velocity-comparison-4-different-loads.1499605/
  5. Glock 19 Gen4. na objednávku hlídat dostupnost. Speciální set za super cenu. Nové pistole Gen4 mají několik nových vlastností, které uspokojí nejnáročnější zákazníky. kategori
  6. The two Glock Gen 5 pistols are basically the commercial versions of the 17M and 19M models made for and adopted by the FBI. All told, there are 20 design changes in the Gen 5 guns, and while externally they don't look much changed from previous generations, the number of interchangeable..
  7. Opinion: A compensated gun has an expansion chamber, which forces the expanded gasses through the porting, to push the muzzle in the desired direction.
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If you are looking for a solid handgun that you can conceal as well as enjoy at the range, the Glock 19 needs to be at the top of your list. As a gun guy, I should be ashamed that I bought my first double stack Glock a few months ago. Bad Patrick.It was very accurate and double taps were side by side. Recoil was considerably less than the 17 with +p+. Step 3 – Place the palm of your hand on the muzzle and hook your thumb on the inside of the trigger guard. Squeeze. Barely. Your purpose here is to move the slide back about a 1/4 of an inch. Much more and the gun will cock the striker again and you’ll have to go back to Step 2. The result of moving the slide the proper amount will look like this (shown: left). You should be holding the gun in one hand, with your other hand free.

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  1. The GLOCK 19 Gen4, in 9x19, introduces revolutionary design changes to the pistol that has found worldwide acclaim with security services both private and public. The Modular Back Strap design lets you instantly customize its grip to adapt to an individual shooter's hand size
  2. Unless I am just plain stupid and the weight of a Gen 4 G19C, barrel ports, lightning cuts and all, IS somehow the exact same as the Gen 4 G19, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING. First, you wrote “30.18 inches” under “Weight (loaded)” when it should be ounces, not inches. Second, you obviously copied the specs off the Glock website which obviously states incorrectly that the weight (both loaded and unloaded) of the G19C Gen 4 is the exact same as the standard G19 Gen 4: “23.65 oz unloaded; 30.18 oz loaded”. I only came across this page attempting to find the ACTUAL weight difference/reduction of the G19C compared to the G19 because of the error on Glock’s website. It’s one thing for Glock to make such an obvious mistake, but to copy & paste those erroneous numbers from Glock’s site instead of weighing the gun yourself is pretty discouraging. I do hope you see this comment or realize this on your own and perhaps do the specs yourself from now on, especially if you’re going to list them again. P.S. the standard specs given for the weight of a gun are more commonly the unloaded weight (with an empty magazine), not loaded. I’d either just give the unloaded weight or both moving forward.
  3. Customers often ask me to recommend a semi-automatic handgun for carry or home defense. When they do, I start by mentioning the Glock 19 Gen 4. The G19 is a medium-sized lightweight polymer-framed 9mm. Its standard capacity magazines hold 15 rounds and features Glock’s “Safe Action” trigger system with three passive safeties.
  4. So we have durability and reliability. Pretty good so far. We also have shootability. It’s simple. It’s safe. It hits its mark – if you don’t have trigger technique problems. I’ve nailed a few 10 yard bullseyes with it – not bad for a fixed sight combat pistol. But let’s back up; simple and safe.
  5. Considering the weak ejection with target ammo, I would consider this more a defensive gun, loaded with +p+, it has the advantage in my opinion.
  6. The innovations start with the composition of the design, but continue with the variety of sizes Glock has released. You can purchase anything from a hand cannon all the way down to a pocket pistol when selecting your Glock. The Glock 19 is one of the most sought after options because it is both small enough for conceal and carry and large enough for a full handed grip. This provides for less strain on the hand at the range, and more accuracy for multiple shots. Many people consider the Glock 19 to be the finest conceal and carry handgun ever produced.
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Overall * * * 1/2 Overall it’s a decent pistol. For me it missed the mark in its intended use – a compact defensive gun. The flash issue at night along with the discomfort of retention shooting was an issue.Posted October 10, 2016 in Guns & Gear, Pistols, Reviews by Patrick R with 84 CommentsTags: 9mm, ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOGLOCK, Battlefield Green, gen4, glock, Glock 19, pistol, Striker fired Glock 19 Gen 4. By Brandon on October 17, 2012 in Gun Reviews. If you've been following Monderno for very long, especially on our Facebook page While it's not perfection, I have to admit it's pretty darn close. I wanted to find out if the Gen 4 Glocks were better than previous generations - for me.. People prefer different cleaners, lubes, and protectants. I use Birchwood Casey Barricade. It basically does it all, if you’re just maintaining. If you have more hard-core problems you should pick up some of their other products in addition, like Gun Scrubber.

GLOCK G19 Gen4 9mm Compact 15-Round Pistol Academ

Step 8 – Clean and inspect the frame internals. You don’t need to do much here other than use a brush and wipe to clear the powder residue from the top edges. A tiny spritz of cleaner can help if you’ve gone through a lot of ammo since the last cleaning. Try to clean your guns after every trip to the range. If you can’t for some reason, try to clean them at least after every 150 rounds or so. Glock Ruhsatlı Tabanca Ve Silah İlanları 2. El Silah İlanı, Silah Alım Satım Glock 19. Gümüşhane Merkez. glock 19 gen4. 22.500. Ağrı Patnos

INCOG IWB Holster System: Edge WorksGlock 26 Gen 4 vs Ruger SR9c - YouTube

Glock 19 Gen 4 - Buy at Best Price - G19 Gen4 9 x 19mm Semi Auto

True, that is a preference. I’m used to the double action trigger pull and no manual safety lever  because … wait for it … my first handgun was a revolver! I got used to that Smith and Wesson Model 60. This Glock operates almost the same way, except for the obvious differences between how you load and cock a pistol versus a revolver. So the learning curve and autopilot training on that front was minimal, and will be for almost anyone. I’ve always recommended revolvers to people new to guns who want a defensive piece, because they don’t have to think much to defend themselves, and competency training (not considering accuracy) is minimal. Same here. If you can rack the slide you can operate this gun. Glock Magazine Gen 4 Glock 19 9mm Luger Polymer Black. Product Family #: 930295773. Glock magazines are compatible with previous and current generation Glock pistols. Glock magazines have very stiff springs when new and may be extremely difficult to load to full capacity ???? …if only the major media were actual Glock fans and not simply ignorant that not every handgun is a Glock… But Glock fans are a lot of fun to provoke… 😎 There are more expensive, and less expensive, brands available and the Glock 19 is priced low enough that it’s reasonable for anyone who is looking for a quality pistol. Additionally, the Glock brand is very common, meaning Glock Parts and Accessories are easy to find and less expensive than for most other pistols.

Pistole Glock 19 Generation 4. Modell: 19 Gen. 4 Kaliber: 9x19 System: Safe Action Magazinkapazität: 15 Schuss Gesamtlänge: 185mm Lauflänge: 102mm Laufhöhe: 32mm Höhe inkl Perhaps the most important reason to consider a Glock is reliability. Glock’s 9mm models have long been known as some of the toughest and most reliable pistols ever made. The Glock 19 is a utilitarian pistol to be sure; when that’s what counts, the Gen 4 G19 is one you can trust.Quite simply, it is a wonderful tool if you need to defend yourself. While it might not be the perfect target pistol or even the best for competition, its simple design works just about every time you need it to.

The trigger pull of the Gen 4 Glock 19 is slightly different from earlier versions. It is just a little bit heavier than earlier models, at 5 pounds, although seems crisper overall. The trigger reset is as positive as ever.I lined up at about 15 yards, this time, to see what kind of group I could shoot, if it went poorly, I would move to the normal 7 and never tell you I tried at 15. Ignorance is bliss right? The results were outstanding. I dropped all five shots into a two and a half inch or so group, not bad shooting for me.  Armas para GTA San Andreas - Glock 19 Gen4 con descarga gratuita de auto-instalador While I was at the range, I pulled my 19 out of my laptop bag and took aim at the steel downrange dumping a full mag on it at a very rapid pace. The photos below show how little muzzle flip I experience when the Gen4 recoil spring if coupled with the tiny slide of the Glock. Need Help? service@guns.com Call (866)582-4867

Also fired 100 rounds of 115 gr UMC. Ejection was very weak. Thought the shells would bounce off the rear of the slide and scratch the gun. But no malfunctions. Hoping the rsa will break in some and give me better ejection. All GLOCKs come with a magazine loader, and their mags are a bit hard to load. I don’t have any problems, but a lot of people do. Use the mag loader to load-up your magazines, and let them sit for a week or two, and then the next time you go to load the magazines, they are much easier to load because the spring took a set.It would have been nice if the reviewer chronographed this gun vs. a standard Glock 19 to test that theory.

Odkryj Glock 19 Gen4 Hand Gun Bullets stockowych obrazów w HD i miliony innych beztantiemowych zdjęć stockowych, ilustracji i wektorów w kolekcji Shutterstock. Codziennie dodajemy tysiące nowych, wysokiej jakości obrazów Glock 19 jest wszechstronnym pistoletem, a dzięki compaktowej budowie jest rozmiaru stadardowego pistoletu. Ze sprawdzonym kalibrem 9x19 znalazł Gen4. Czwarta generacja Glocka posiada 4 nowe, unikalne cechy: Rękojeść Faktura rękojeści została tak zmodyfikowana, aby zapewniać pewny chwyt..


Glock Gen 4 Glock 19, 9mm 10-Round Factory Magazin

Step 6 – Turn the slide upside down and carefully apply slight pressure to the spring on the breech (chamber) end of the barrel. You only need press it enough to lift it away from the notch it’s resting in on the underside of the barrel. Now lift it away.With those ports halfway down the barrel, what’s that doing to the muzzle velocity? You’re going to lose a bunch of pressure behind that bullet before it’s out of the muzzle.

Ain’t about recoil. It’s about sight lift. It is intended to increase one’s ability to track the front sight through recoil, not “taming the mighty 9mm”, funny guys.The other issue with the sights is that they are made of plastic. Anybody who owns a handgun knows that the rear sight in particular takes a huge amount of abuse. No other point on the gun is more likely to break or become deformed. If you drop your gun, there is a good chance your sights will be rendered worthless. In addition, these plastic sights can be worn down to a nub simply from the daily wear and tear of pulling it in and out of your holster. This is one of the biggest Glock 19 Gen 4 problem. I own a 2nd Gen Glock 19. The third generation added finger grooves to the grip (which I don't like) and a rail for mounting things like flashlights The fourth generation added replaceable backstraps for user customization. The fourth gen guns had some initial teething issues, so I would avoid early 4th.. “GLOCK ships the 19C Gen4 in the standard plastic lunchbox” And now I’m pondering the wisdom of taking all the doodads and foam out, loading it up with a PB&J and a baggie of Cheetos for the kid to take to school.

The Gen 4 version of the Glock 19 is an upgrade from the earlier models in several important ways. The most obvious difference is the grip texture. A flat-topped pyramid stippling replaces earlier models’ orange peel feel. The new texture provides more traction without being harsh like some stippling. Glock Glock 19 Glock 23 Gen 3 Frame Glock 19 Gen 3 Lower. Glock 19 Gen 4 Compact 9mm Pistol, 4 Inch Barrel, 10-Round Magazines, Glock PG1950201 available in 2 stores Step 9 – Clean the barrel. Either use a bore-snake for this step, or find the 9mm wire brush in your gun cleaning kit. (These will often be labelled “38” since 9mm and .38 caliber are the same thing.) Affix it to your pushrod and swab the inside of the barrel 5-6 times. Spay cleaner inside barrel judiciously (read: dripping). Change wire brush to a patch-cloth tip and insert a fresh cleaning cloth. Swab the barrel all the way through, forward and back (as you should have been doing with the wire brush) at least 8-10 times.The gun under discussion today is the GLOCK 19 Gen 4 9mm handgun, and it is probably the best generation to date. It comes with 4 back straps, two for making the grip a bit thicker or bulkier, and two also extend the tang a bit. Some folks wearing gloves have experienced stoppages when the slide would hit their gloved hand, so with the extended tang back straps, you won’t have that problem. (I never had the problem myself when wearing gloves and shooting a GLOCK.) The Glock 19 is the compact model of the full sized, 9mm Glock 17. The Gen 4 also sports a rough textured, stipled handle for a more enhanced, positive grip for the user and comes complete with interchangeable backstraps for a more customized grip for all hand sizes

Glock 19 Gen 5 vs. Gen 4 The Leading Glock - GlockTalk.co

An early third generation Glock 19, identified by the addition of thumb rests, an accessory rail, finger grooves on the front strap of the pistol grip and a single cross Glock 17 Gen4 as issued by the British Armed Forces under the L131A1 General Service Pistol designation. At the 2010 SHOT Show, Glock.. I talked myself into making the move to a new Glock this month and picked up a Gen 4 Model 19 that the local dealer got in on 12/8/14. I field stripped it to clean and inspect before taking it out to the range and noticed it has the 336 extractor.. Weighing in at 23.65 ounces unloaded, the Glock 19 is not exactly a boat anchor you strap to your waist making the carry of the striker fired gun relatively easy. As a bonus, the Glock 19 carries 15 rounds of 9mm in the mag, 2-3 more than comparably sized pistols at the time of its introduction.So if you’re in the market for a new or a first handgun, take a close look at the GLOCK 19. It might be just want you’re looking for in a 9mm pistol.Compensated pistols are range toys. Problem is, Glock 19s are not inherently fun range toys, so no point.

During my testing of my GLOCK 19, Gen 4, I had a good assortment of ammo from Black Hills Ammuntion and Buffalo Bore Ammunition, including standard velocity, +P, and even +P+ loads, and I had no problems at all with the 19. GLOCK helps today's shooters get the MOSt from the G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4. The G17 and G19 need little introduction here. In their various iterations over generations, these pistols have served military operators, law enforcement officers and qualified civilians superbly PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd, Burnsville, MN ©2020 Guns.com. All Rights Reserved Glocks have a simple, dependable and easy-to-use design, which is why it is the preferred handgun for many law enforcement agencies prefer them. Glock recommends the G19 Gen 4 for opened or concealed carry.The sights took some getting used to, for me anyway. First, I don’t like them because they’re plastic, but not of the same variety as the frame. They scratch and dent. Second, my first 50 shots seemed to all hit just off the pie plate. I’m fairly certain this was due to my trigger technique, as I can now hit reliably well, but I’ll blame it on the sights because I can, and they bug me. I plan to change the factory plastic goal-post for steel night sites, but haven’t yet decided on which particular set to get.

Should Have Been Gen5 Features? | Glock 19 Gen4 FS

There is a reason that the Glock 19 is one of the most recommended pistols in gun shops. They work, they are reasonably accurate, they often are within someone’s means financially, and they are above all a perfect tool. I refuse to believe that it is a coincidence that I see as many cops carrying a Glock product or the announcements from military units that they are moving to the Glock platform.As you’d expect, the 19C is about as visually distinct from the standard 19 as one Olsen twin is from the other. Aside from the “made in the USA” roll stamp, the slide and barrel are what set the gun apart from the standard model.

4 gen glock 19, 4 gen glock 19 Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Normally the Glock 19 will ship with standard plastic sights, but I have replaced them with AmeriGlo Hackathorn night sights that I will cover in a later post. The stock sights are perfectly serviceable, but there are better options on the market currently.  A lot of people shun compensated pistols; they fear shooting one at night will blind them. And they’re absolutely right. Shooting the 19C in the dark I was surprised by just how much I was blinded by the flash. Every round fired created two giant fireballs that eliminated my night vision for at least five seconds.

PMM Glock 19X/Gen 5 Compensator

Glock 19 GEN4 airsoft pistool koop je bij de Glock specialis

All GLOCKs are easy to break-down for cleaning and maintenance. You simply remove the magazine, check the chamber to make sure no rounds are in the barrel, and point the gun is a safe direction and pull the trigger. Once you have done that, you retract the slide about a 1/4 inch while you pull down on the take-down lever and then the slide comes off. You can then take the recoil spring assembly out and the barrel, and that’s it. Put the barrel back in the slide, then the recoil spring assembly and slide it back on the frame — it’s that easy! Pistole Glock 19 Gen. 4 s možnou výměnnou velikostí gripů. Duální vratná pružina. Zvětšený vypouštěč zásoníku. Pistole Glock Gen. 4 nově obsahují systém výměnných gripů - G17/22 MBS (Multiple Back-Strap) se zmenšeným domečkem spouště (SF - Short Frame) Don’t like the idea of your pistol being locked up while you’re at home? Don’t have kids? Don’t worry about it. Have kids or otherwise mentally challenged or depressed people in your house regularly? Wear the gun on your person if you don’t want it locked up! That’s why you have a holster, right? To feel cool wearing your gun? Never leave a firearm unlocked and unattended when there’s someone around who could hurt themselves or others with it, either accidentally or on purpose.Also, would have liked that picture of it stripped to have the barrel right side up so we could clearly see where the ports are on the barrel. Yep, pretty sure the barrel cam looks the same as every other Glock….From Black Hills, I had their 100-gr frangible round, which is used mainly at indoor gun ranges. When the round hits the steel backstop, it almost completely disintegrates. I also had the Black Hills 115 gr FMJ round. I’m waiting on some more of the Black Hills 115-gr +P Barnes all-copper hollow TAC-XP point loads; they were out when I requested them. From Buffalo Bore, I had their 15-gr Barnes all-copper hollow point TAC-XP +P load, 124-gr FMJ FN +P+, 124-gr JHP +P, 115-gr JHP +P+, and their 147-gr JHP +P+ loads.

Glock 36

Glock modello 19 calibro 9x21 IMI . Fornita di 1 caricatore di riserva. Fusto in tecnopolimero, funzionamento in SAFE Action, tacca di mira regolabile. Glock modello 19 GEN 4 calibro 9x21 The greatest thing about Glocks is they have no manual safeties to fiddle with – Glock invented the automatic safety. They have internal mechanisms, and I suppose you could call the trigger safety a “manual” safety since it is something you press with your finger, but it remains that if you need to fire this gun all you do is pull the trigger. If you don’t want it to fire, don’t pull the trigger. It will not fire if you don’t actively pull the trigger to completion, releasing the striker to cycle into the chambered round. It just won’t, and let’s leave it at that before this gets way too long.

232 results for glock 19 gen 4 holster. Unfollow glock 19 gen 4 holster to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive All accuracy testing was at 25 yards resting on a rolled-up sleeping bag over the hood of my SUV. As mentioned, I had no malfunctions of any type. I could feel the difference in the +P+ rounds from Buffalo Bore; they were definitely snappy. The GLOCK line-up of handguns aren’t known for earth-shaking target shooting accuracy. I was getting groups around 4-inches most of the time, if I did my part. With the slightly mushy trigger-pull and the combat style sights, that’s about as good as I can do with most GLOCKs. But most experts will agree that 4-inches at 25-yards is plenty good enough for self-defense needs.I’ve been shooting my glock 19 Gen 4 for about a year and a quarter, no jams, no slide problems, no recoil spring issues, no shell ejection. In fact, the only shell ejection that every hit me we’re shells bouncing against the padded walls of the shooting booth and than can’t be eliminated.

There wasn’t any real winner in the accuracy department, but I thought I’d make a few observations.I have a late 2015 model 19 gen 4 that has had the case to the face ejection issues and weak ejection. All the parts are up to date. I tried replacing the extractor with and upgraded Apex part… but still the ejection is atrocious. Sadly my old SR9 I sold a couple years ago performed better than the “perfect” pistol. So far I’ve been very disappointed. Not sure why some of theses pistols perform so poorly while others have no problems.

Ucuza satın almak istiyorsanız glock 19 gen 4, tercih glock 19 gen 4 banggood.com'dan. İstediğiniz ürünleri size ulaştırmak için çalışmaktayız., size paranızın en iyi karşılığını glock 19 gen 4. Farklı kelimeler ile ara. Örneğin,Lamba ya da LED kelimelerinin aramalarında farklı sonuçlar elde edeceksiniz GLOCK Introduces the Long-Awaited 5th Generation of Glock 17 and Glock 19 Handguns. The Gen5 pistols feature over twenty design changes which distinguish them from their Gen4 predecessors. The development of our Gen5 pistols was the result of the constant pursuit of perfection and a desire..

Die GLOCK Perfektion der nächsten Generation. Mit der Gen4 bietet GLOCK die konsequente Weiterentwicklung ihrer beliebtesten Modelle. So erhielt auch die GLOCK 17 einige Upgrades There IS a difference between a G19 C and a G19. It may not be a huge difference but reducing the “snap” at the wrist of the handgun makes a world of difference. So just call me Mr. Nobody.Step 5 – Release the slide and pull it off of the gun, forward! It will come off smoothly and easily. You will not have to “pull” it but just tilt the gun down and it will basically fall off. Keep your hand in front of it so it doesn’t hit the floor. If you have to pull because the slide stops about an inch into travel … stop, you’ve cocked the striker, return to step 2.Bad review. I carry a 19c and have shot it many times at night and the flash is not that bad. And in a self-defense situation, you may be shooting 3-4-5 shots in rapid taps -the lower recoil of the 19c is a noticable advantage in quickly getting hits on target in smaller groups. And there is never a problem cycling any +P JHP ammo. We aırsoft we glock G19 GEN4 gbb black aırsoft. WE AIRSOFT WE Glock G17 Gen4 TAN Airsoft Tabanca

Step 10 – Wipe down the outside of the barrel and the inside of the slide with a cleaner-dampened cloth. Not runny or drippy. Wipe away any fingerprints you probably just left, and instead leave a very very light coat of cleaner/lube … just enough to leave it looking shiny. Do NOT do this to the outside of the slide. Instead just wipe it down with a cloth that once thought about having cleaner on it, but changed its mind just as you were about to spray it. Glock 19 Gen4 má oproti původnímu modelu několik vylepšení. Nejdůležitější změnou je systém výměnných gripů G19 MBS. Můžete si tak rukojeť přizpůsobit velikosti své ruky When you open the pistol case on the Gen4 guns, you find a bushel of backstraps (that I have since thrown in a box never to be found), three magazines, a plastic cleaning rod, and a nylon brush along with the pistol. My Glock 19 is the newer Battlefield Green color; they are also currently available in the classic Glock black as well as flat dark earth.GLOCK ships the 19C Gen4 in the standard plastic lunchbox with three magazines, a loader, cleaning tools, lock, back straps and the standard manual (that I read from cover to cover). Hello, Comrades, in this video we will talk about Glock licensed Umarex Glock 17gen4 and Glock 19gen3 replicas. We will talk about other companies producing replicas of this extremely popular pistol, discuss the main features of Umarex products specially and of course shoot a little bit

Perhaps the most significant change in the Gen 4 Glock 19 is the grip circumference reduction. Glock made the grip width (front to back) 2mm shorter than it was on previous generations. I’ve handled a lot of Generation 2 and 3 Glocks and always felt like they just barely fit my hand. The new Gen 4 G19 actually feels much more comfortable to me.The safety on the trigger has always bothered me and I got rid of all my Glocks after witnessing a guy giving himself a “Glock leg” during a PPC match. A loose shirt in the holster pulled the trigger as the pistol was holstered. Hocam Glock 19 hangi sene üretilmeye başlandı ve hangi sene üretildiği tabancada yazar mı? Glock larda tetikten belli olur eğer tetik ilerideyse iğne kurulu gerideyse iğne düşmüştür. muhammet demirtaş Vor year. Glock 19 gen 4 otomatik taramalı hale getirebilirmiyiz???

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