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  1. "Steptronic" pseudo-manual control is silly. It's a marketing weasel-around allowing dull people to pretend they're shifting. Just leave it in "Drive" unless you're autocrossing. I say "silly" since I prefer a clutch. I don't believe in torque converters.
  2. I'm serious: I was test driving a 2001 or 2002 certified-pre-owned 540 at BMW of San Diego with about 58k miles on it and it blew up on me during the test drive! The salesman was mortified, and I was laughing since I had heard about these issues.
  3. It also is a single three-inch diameter pipe. A single three-inch pipe has much better flow than several smaller pipes. This single 3" pipe is unique to the 2003 sport version.
  4. The M Sport group further tightens the performance screws with stiffer springs and dampers; 19-inch M double-spoke wheels with all-season or summer tires, both run-flats; a body lowered by 10 mm, including for the first time on xDrive versions; an aero body kit and dark exterior trim; an M steering wheel and more choices in interior trim. My tester also added $650 worth of M Performance brakes with larger rotors and painted calipers. Motorized soft-closing doors added another $600, then $575 for a power rear sunshade, $650 for ceramic-coated interior controls and $500 for a power trunklid that one might argue should be standard fare. Buyers can also add 20-inch V-spoke wheels for $950, which aren’t available on the four-cylinder 530i models. Those wheels do look bodacious, but I wouldn’t mess with the 540i’s gracious ride quality on 19’s.
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  7. imum 8 MPG even under the mildest acceleration.

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  1. See 177 results for BMW 540i for sale at the best prices, with the cheapest used car starting from £2,999. Looking for more second hand cars? Explore BMW 5-Series for sale as well
  2. Informationen zum BMW 540 gesucht? Hier finden Sie technische Daten, Preise, Statistiken, Tests und die wichtigsten Fragen auf einen Blick. Gebrauchte BMW 540 bei AutoScout24 finden
  3. There are a lot of LCDs, all backlit in orange and all perfectly legible regardless of the ambient light. BMW has a secret way of ensuring that these are legible regardless of the lighting conditions.

Find Bmw 540i in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! *View this vehicle by appointment only please.* This 2019 BMW 5 Series 540i xDrive comes with a. Starting out cold I get 6 MPG for the first mile or so. I get 11 MPG running short errands of a few miles and about 13 - 14 MPG continuously if I'm stuck in town at traffic lights. If I drive for 20 miles half local, half on the freeway, I'll get 19 MPG. I thank I get about 26 MPG on the freeway. People who actually drive more than 10 miles at a time get much better mileage. I'll let you know when I really start driving my car. My dealer is so bad I have yet to resolve some basic purchase issues after two months, thus I've only driven it home and left it in my garage since I bought it. I had a dealer so bad I just can't believe BMW hasn't pulled their franchise. BMW 540i xDrive: odchudzona, klasyczna piątka. Siódma generacja Serii 5 została odrobinę Wersja 540i xDrive, którą BMW Polska udostępniła naszej redakcji do testów waży 1595 kg i jest aktualnie..

Shop, watch video walkarounds and compare prices on BMW 540i xDrive listings. Search from 889 BMW 540i xDrive cars for sale, including a Certified 2017 BMW 540i xDrive, a Certified 2019 BMW.. 1994 BMW 540i Tire Sizes. Base Model. Select Make Acura Alfa Romeo American Motors Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Datsun Dodge Eagle Ferrari Fiat Ford.. 2003 bmw 5 series rwd 540i blue 6-speed manual with overdrive castle subaru mitsubishi, portage 2003 BMW 540i M Sport Package with ONLY 76,000 miles is a very rare vehicle to find it is a last..

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  1. BMW has three different ambient light sensors. Each sensor controls the brightness of a different LCD!
  2. BMW E39 540i. The rear badge is a give away, but I can tell just by the wheels (early E39 540's used these multi-fin/spoke wheels)
  3. 1.) Low axle ratio. The sport package has a lower axle ratio, so the engine always turns more RPMs than the standard, taller axle ratio.

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  1. It is my understanding that the 540i had a sport package, but then I also found out about what some are calling the M-Sport package on the 2003's
  2. Buy BMW 540i parts online at partsgeek. We offer new, OEM and aftermarket BMW auto parts and BMW never fails when it comes to designing quality sedans like the 540i. This vehicle has a V-8..
  3. Cover any of these during the day and the associated LCD will dim. Take the flashlight out of the glove box and shine it on the sensor at night and that LCD will get brighter! It takes several seconds to do this. This keeps BMW's secret design secret and prevents the displays from blinking everytime shadows and sunlight cross them.
  4. Of course no one really gets mileage as good as the EPA tests. This article here explains why. Consumer Reports, October 2005, pages 20 - 23 also had an article detailing why the EPA numbers are way too high. You may be able to read it here. CU found 90% of vehicles got worse than the EPA estimates and suggests people subtract 30% from the city figure as the best estimate for 2003 model gasoline cars. Hybrids and Diesels were even worse!
  5. The seventh-gen, 2017 BMW 5 Series sedan now flies under the G30 banner and is moments away A representative of the BMW Classic Center in Munich and our attendant to the E12 1975-vintage 528..
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96 bmw 540i rear passenger side spindle/control arm , sway bar link, axle, and strut bolt to knuckle replacement Crannic Mobile Mechanic 646.549.7731 NYC #crannicmobilemechanic #itsniceout.. MZORANGE Left / Right Side Door Wing Rearview Mirror Glass For BMW E39 525i 528i 530i 540i (Ship from US) AP03 18pcs Set Timing Chain KIT For BMW E39 M62 540i MODELS 4.4L REF.. I also don't understand 6-cylinder "enthusiasts" who spend far more than this on engine performance tweaks that leave them with far less than V-8 power. I love Diesels, but see no reason for low performance gas engines in performance cars. The gauges are the same excellent ones BMW has used for decades. They have white hands, numerals and graduations on black faces. They are illuminated by orange LEDs at night. The LEDs are pulse-width modulated for brightness control. The gauges are all electronic.

The standard BMW 540 air conditioning has extraordinary cooling capacity. I've gotten into hot black cars and they cool down immediately and automatically. Likewise, the BMW 540 cools and dehumidifies so much air that there is always lots of distilled water coming out of the bottom of the car from the air conditioning system. This is normal. The BMW 540 makes so much cool air that I actually have two streams of water coming from the system. You'll see this if you look on your driveway after you've just parked your car: you'll see two trails of water drips. The BMW 540 M-Sport elicits twelve-cylinder torque, power and smoothness from it's advanced V8 engine. It mimics a 6.6 litre V12 and also duplicates its fuel consumption The manual also says the computer ignores last 1.8 gallons in tank, thus when it reads "0 miles to empty" you still have 1.8 gallons left. I don't think that's true on mine, but I haven't ever run it dry to find out either.Here's the best part: the earth-shattering BMW 5.0 litre V-12 of 1989 - 1994 only made 296 HP, just 2% more than the 2003 540i, and it had to move a thousand more pounds in the huge 7-Series. The 540i is still worlds faster than the 750s were. 3.) Transmission programmed to shift late, keeping the engine turning even more RPMs than an ordinary luxury transmission.

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I’ll argue that the 540i feels so extravagantly quick and capable that there’s no pressing need to get the pricier M550i version with its 462-hp, twin-turbo V8. But with BMW calling the M550i (on sale in April) the fastest 5-Series in history, I’m probably just afraid to see what BMW will charge for the fastest 5-Series in history. Now a roughly 600-horsepower M5 is on the horizon, along with another speed- and-price record.Worse, the only time I bother to shift an automatic manually is for descending long, steep hills. Traditional automatics make this easy: just move it a click or two to 3 or 2 and you're done. With the steptronic you need to pull it to the left and then jerk it forward a couple of times; good luck concentrating of driving while you're counting the steps. By comparison all Mercedes for several decades have had keyed shift gates which allow doing this by feel in one movement. Today's Mercedes shifters also allow this with one motion that brings you to the lowest safe gear. The steptronic could be likened to my BMW motorcycle's shifter, except the motorcycle never shifts for you in manual mode as steptronic does. For instance, if you have steptronic in 5 and come to a stop it brings you down to 3. Take off and and it stays in 3. It's more work keeping track of what Steptronic is doing than it is trying to second-guess any traditional automatic. You have to take your eyes off the road annd peer at the dashboard, a bad thing.The US owner's manual keeps mentioning Canada. Canada keeps applying for statehood, but has not yet been accepted.Steptronic does what you tell it, but only if it's in the mood. It doesn't always follow directions as a real manual does.

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We went out and drove a few miles. I saw COOLANT LEVEL LOW bong onto the display above the steering wheel and noticed the temperature gauge was higher than normal. We headed back. A mile or two later we had steam pouring from under the hood. Popping the hood back at the dealer after a mile or two showed steam billowing from the usual spot. BMW 540 - це середньорозмірні автомобілі 5 серії, які випускаються з 1996 року по наш час. Виробляються в кузовах седан, універсал. Існують такі покоління цієї моделі: BMW E39 (1996-2004); BMW E60 (2005-2010); BMW G30 (2016-н.ч.) Mine reads about 7%, high so when you're doing 60 MPH it reads about 64 MPH. Mine reads 35 MPH at 32.5 MPH.It's a new world out there. For instance, the feared Mercedes 6.9 of the late 1970s only made 250 - 286 HP from its mammoth 6.9l (417 CID) engine, less than the 540i. The 6.9 weighed a lot more and is much slower. As explained above, BMW spedometers are designed to read too high. Even a 2006 Chevy Malibu rental car was accurate to within 1%, while BMW allows for +10% + 2.4 MPH of error as "normal."

Production of the BMW 540i started in 1994 and continues through this year. Parts for the BMW 540i should be available from your BMW dealer but you'll have to pay a premium for them The lowest LCD that displays the clock, warning and other messages directly above the steering wheel has rows of pixels that go black. It comes and does and gets worse with time.* Per EPA's calculations based on 45% highway, 55% city, 15,000 annual miles. You can recalculate these at the EPA's site here for your own driving style. Personally I drive less than half this amount!

1993BMW 540I lost reverse then randomly gets reverse then loses drive I have a code on my bmw 540i 2002 po443 which is EVAP EMMISSION control purge valve circuit does it.. My readings use measured miles and live calibrated satellite GPS data, all of which agree with each other. Aktuell werden 9 BMW 540 Gebrauchtwagen auf automobile.at zu Preisen von 46.144,- bis 74.500,- Euro angeboten. Die Erstzulassung der angebotenen Gebrauchtwagen reicht von 2017 bis Oktober..

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BMW540i. 694 likes. My pride and joy is for sale. BMW 540i 1999 e39. High-tech M Sport was awarded car of the year in its time Manuals and User Guides for BMW 540i. We have 10 BMW 540i manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Owner's Manual, Owner's Handbook Manual, Manual Why does every BMW catalog have to be in shades of cool gray, like the blue and white Bavarian flag and my section headers? Are they doing this to assert independence from Germany with it's black, red and gold flag? Come on guys, WWII is over in most people's minds. Likewise, the colors of today and the past several years have been cool and boring. Sorry to rant. I prefer real colors over endless shades of boring gray metallic. What's the 2017 BMW 540i like inside? The interior is no different to the ones found in cheaper 5 Series models. But that still means it's a very pleasant place to sit, with lots of adjustment and everything built..

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Switch the 540i into Sport mode and it really comes alive. The Drive Experience function primes the The crowning achievement here for BMW has been to broaden the ability of the 5 Series to a point.. Not that you'll need it with the already excellent and powerful automatic climate control, but the BMW 540i also has a MAX button on the climate control. Hit that when you get in a warm car and it gives you full cold, recirculation and full blast of the fan with one push. It cools things down fast. The automatic mode also automatically selects this for a hot car, but eases off the fan speed sooner for quiet. I'll use the MAX control if I feel like getting the car cooler a little quicker. Find a BMW 540i car on Malaysia's No.1 Car Marketplace. Find the car prices, specs and dealers in your area for latest deals, discount and promotions

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  1. If you care about fuel economy buy a different car. The 540 Sport gets awful mileage in exchange for performance. The BMW 540i M-Sport is designed for fun on the empty roads about which most people only dream. If you drive in traffic or have to commute don't get a 540i Sport. Get a 530, 525, German-market Diesel or even non-sport 540i instead. The 6-cylinder versions can get 30 MPG or more. Some people under very favorable conditions in the non-sport 540 can average 25 MPG. Of course the non-sport 540 is nothing like the 540 Sport. Nothing is.
  2. BMW 540i xDrive (G30) specs. Car type. 4-door saloon. BMW actually does underrate Horsepower you just don't know that they are not like Cadillac or even Mercedes
  3. The MPG gauge stops at 8 MPG. This means it's pegged anytime you're accelerating even lightly in the 540i, making it almost useless.

But wait! The 540i M-Sport is a special interest car that will hold its value better than common 6 cylinder models. You more than recoup the gas expense in lack of depreciation. Sweet! It always pays to buy the best. (That's why I love my Mercedes.) The 540 is faster than traditional V-12s since one only finds V-12s in much bigger, heavier cars. The bigger cars are geared much taller for quiet luxury. The 540 Sport duplicates the V-12's comfort and exceeds the V-12's performance. The 540 Sport retains the V-12's around-town mastery without all the clumsy weight. Believe me, the Mercedes V-12s are not cars for zipping around twisty mountain roads while the 540 is.It works magnificently well. Come warm or hot weather it adjusts everything all by itself. It's smarter than my Mercedes SL500 because the 540 has a solar sensor which lets it know to make things cooler in the daytime to compensate for the sun shining on you, and warmer at night when it isn't. I don't have to change my temperature setting as the seasons change. Get in after the 540i has sat in the sun on a hot day and it automatically runs full blast and gently settles down all by itself as the 540i cools down.

Lue lisää BMW 540. Katso myös muut Bmw -automallit ja uudet Bmw 2020 -autot. Palvelustamme löydät myös BMW 540-huoltoa tarjoavat yritykset ja Nettivaraosasta BMW-varaosat Alibaba.com offers 1,717 bmw 540i products. About 5% of these are Spoilers, 0% are Cabin Filters, and 0% are Other Body Parts. A wide variety of bmw 540i options are available to you, such as style..

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BMW 540i xDrive G30 0-60 mph, 0-100 kph, quarter mile (1/4 mile) and 41 other acceleration times. 540i xDrive distance acceleration in feet Auto - Bmw 540i bazár. Vyberajte z 68 inzerátov. Predajte ľahko a rýchlo na Bazoš.sk. Cez 400 tisíc užívateľov za deň. Nájdite čo potrebujete vo Vašej kategórii

Anasayfa › Otomobil Teknik Verileri › BMW › 540i. Genel Bilgiler. Marka. BMW. Model. 540i. Üretim Yılı. 2002 You need to do your own calibrations and keep a calibration card next to your speedometer. This explains all the speedometer photos of 540s topped out at 164 MPH. 164 MPH indicated is really 155 MPH actual.

BMW. What You Learn is a recurring look at the cars passing through R&T's test fleet. BMW. But how many people are taking their 540i out on spirited Sunday drives? That's not what people use.. If you want fuel economy get a Diesel. If you want to haul ass, suck gas and have a darn good time doing it get the 540 M-sport. The good news is for long trips on the open road it probably get OK fuel economy, and for blowing around town it has the displacement and the gears to suck all the gas you need to make the power you want.The BMW 540 M-Sport elicits twelve-cylinder torque, power and smoothness from it's advanced V8 engine. It mimics a 6.6 litre V12 and also duplicates its fuel consumption. I know; I've driven the Mercedes V-12 SL600, and S600 coupes and sedans. BMW 5 Series 540i M Sport Auto. 2019. 4 000 Km. Automatic. Petrol. Zambesi Auto Used Cars - BMW Dealer (Pretoria, Gauteng). R 1 169 900 View Car Wishlist

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I run my 540i only on premium fuel that meets BMW's Top Tier certification. BMW and some other makers actually certify which brands of fuel are best . See the link for the currently approved suppliers. Photo 1/14 | 1999 BMW 540i - I Candy. There are two things you need to understand about Steven Lin; he's the general manager of iForged Performance Alloys and one of the longest serving members of.. More specifically, the BMW 540i M Sport. BMW's seventh-generation 5 Series has a massive Our test car was a 2017 BMW 540i M Sport sDrive. That means it has the M Sport package and..

BMW 540i, sounds almost retro Well, given that the last 540i, an E39, went the way of all rusty things almost 15 years ago, that's one way to view this nameplate. But here's another: there are several.. Oddly I've noticed that my 540 read lower when first started. One night I brought it home with 1/8 of a tank and 60 miles remaining, and the next day it read 13 miles remaining so I aborted my mission. The next day I started it and it read ZERO. As I drove it the fuel gauge resurrected itself back to 1/8 of a tank. I was perfectly content with the 5-Series’ non-active steering and its full-time 16.3:1 ratio. In tandem with a trimmer, stiffer chassis, the heightened steering helps reestablish the things that made the world fall in love with the 5-Series: Gym-rat athleticism, but never at the expense of a quiet, supple ride. The BMW has shed up to 137 pounds (depending on the model), mainly by using more high-strength steel and aluminum, but not the “carbon core” construction of the 7-Series. That leaves the 540i pushing 3,847 pounds, on par with the Jaguar and about 150 fewer than Caddy's CTS V-Sport. It all made for a crackling good time on obscure Hudson Valley roads, even if I might still prefer more road feedback and encouragement through the handsomely wrought wheel. Sensitive glutes may also feel a touch of float when you’re sailing over crests  or hammering sweepers, a foamy layer over the fiery goodness below. But this 5-Series feels so supremely confident, even at superhuman speeds, that it’s almost churlish to complain. That is, about anything but the price. Such is life in the modern La La Land of BMW. The consolation is bringing back some of 5-Series’ fondly remembered retro dance moves, the ones that had everyone tapping toes and humming along to the BMW beat.Adopted from the 7-Series, the $190 Gesture Control is a relative pittance, especially for something magical-seeming, that charms every passenger who encounters it. Twirl a finger in the air, and audio volume rises or falls according to your clockwise or counter-clockwise move. Point at the screen to accept an incoming call, or wave it away to send it to voice mail. It’s yet another BMW innovation that some people initially scoff at, but within a few model years, becomes standard-issue for every luxury rival.

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Discover the options, equipment, and accessories available on the 2018 BMW 5 Series 540i xDrive Sedan. Request a dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos This is covered under warranty. Apparently BMW's supplier for the LCD or its connector made a big, bad batch of them. I also hear if you have the problem outside of warranty and ask really nice and have a history of using the same dealer for service that you just might get the part for free. Let's compare the premium-gas-guzzling 540i Sport to the anemic 6-cylinder BMW 525 and girlie Sierra-Club-member 325i with standard shift . (I'd love to have a 325i convertible and I volunteer for the Sierra Club, so don't take this the wrong way!) Essai BMW 540i xDrive. Vincent Desmonts le 06/02/2017. La nouvelle BMW Série 5 se barde d'électronique et se dote même d'un mode de conduite semi-autonome

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I get about 11- 14 MPG beating my 540i Sport around town waiting at stoplights. It starts off at about 5 - 6 MPG when cold started and improves after the first quarter mile as the engine begins to warm. I got the same 13 - 14 MPG in a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu LT 3.5L rental car (EPA: 22 MPG city) in the same driving. The Malibu also has an MPG computer. BMW 540i, el gasolina más potente de momento. En este instante voy subido al BMW Serie 5 A pesar de lo explicado, el BMW 540i no destaca por su deportividad. Sí, tenéis razón, no equipa el.. BMW seamlessly integrates these light sensors with the dashboard brightness control so everything always looks perfect. You appreciate how well this works if you've ever had a car whose LCDs became invisible in some lighting conditions. Unlike most cars which put this at the top of the speedometer, the 5-series puts it on the bottom of the instrument cluster. Therefore you can't see it with the steering wheel turned, which is when you usually want to see it. I like to be able to see the light since it lets me know whether or not I'm hitting the gas too hard for conditions.

e39 kasa bmw 540i, 4.4i v8, 286 hp gücüyle ve gazı kökleyince yaşattığı g kuvvetiyle gerçekten bambaşka, tadılması gereken bir duygu BMW 540i. N/A. While the BMW 3 Series replaced the New Class coupes, the 5 Series replaced the sedans of that earlier range

The 540 has three to four sets of rubber seals around each door. That's a lot of rubber and keeps the 540 quiet enough to hear the squeaking. First Drive: 2017 BMW 540i M Sport. The daunting task of messing with a very good thing. At launch, BMW will unveil the new 5 in two versions: the base 530i and the uplevel 540i BMW designs their speedometers to be defective. Compare this to every one of my Mercedes and even my recent Dodge minivans, all of which have been accurate to less than the width of the needle. Check out my review of the 2019 BMW 540i xDrive M-Sport and let me know what you think about this sporty luxury sedan!!! Also HELP THE TEST DRIVE HIT 10.. People who drink and drive complain about the cupholders. They're right; if you want to eat and drink while driving you'll be much better off in a minivan like the Mercedes R class. The 540 is so fast you'll spill everything all over.

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The fun of driving a 2003 BMW 540i Sport is beyond my poetic ability to describe. It's fast of course, but also luxurious and nimble. It's as much of a kick in the pants as a tiny car like a Miata for handling, and also packs more punch than a 1960's hot rod and is quiet and comfy. I'd never have considered a BMW, and driving a 5 sport converted me instantly. The 540 lays down potent numbers, but the fun of driving it transcends those numbers indescribably. I get about 26 MPG on the freeway. I've never had my 540i on a freeway long enough to observe the long-trip freeway fuel economy accurately. Others with the standard transmission get 33 MPG in top gear at 80 MPH in Scotland. About the only key option not on my 540i was the $1,150 Integral Active Steering. On the previous 5-Series, its automated adjustments of the steering ratio could feel oddly intermittent and unpredictable. The new unit ditches a planetary gearset and computerized logic for a system that mimics Porsche’s simplified approach: The more you turn the wheel off center, the quicker the steering ratio becomes. The ratio now moves from a slowest 14.5:1 in the straight-ahead position to a speediest 8.5:1. The BMW 540i, especially in six-speed manual trim with the M-Sport package, is an absolute powerhouse with nearly 300 horsepower on tap from its insanely torquey 4.4 liter V8 My odometer reads about 2% high.This odometer error saves BMW 2% on warrenty claims and subtracts resale value from your car.

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This is no Mercedes. It has no channels along the sides of the windshield to channel water away from the side windows. Water runs off the windshield onto the side windows to obscure vision just like crappy rental cars. Under straight and level conditions fuel consumption is about 2 GPH at 40 MPH and about 2.7 GPH at freeway speed. Here at the Daily Turismo we enjoy finding Tinsel Towncars that are a fair match for an on-screen vehicle, but to find an actual used movie car for DT prices is a treat

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Of course it was covered under warranty, and whoever bought this 540 (I didn't) got themselves a new radiator in the deal and don't even know it.When measuring and comparing fuel economy one needs to be wary of just how much gasoline is in the mix and how much filler, since MPG drops as the percentage of gasoline drops. I think this filler is also called MTBE and "Oxygenated"on the pumps The non-sport 540i is rated 18/24 MPG. The Sport gets lower ratings due to the performance tricks that turn the V-8 into a virtual V-12.

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BMW E39 5 Series 540i Fuel Consumption (Economy), Emissions and Range. BMW E39 5 Series 540i Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight. Num. of Doors It’s a handsome fella, too. Although the way the 5-Series proliferates in certain locales, like post-college lacrosse men at a Hamptons wedding, you might not notice its new suit right away. Headlamps are widened, and for the first time in a 5-Series, create a sexier hook-up with the enlarged double-kidney grille. That grille adds active shutters to reduce drag at highway speeds. Yes, the 5-Series looks much like a scaled-down 7-Series, but that’s hardly a capital offense.For most driving the engine turns 50% faster than other V8 luxury cars. It turns 2,000 - 3,000 RPM even in light driving, while regular V8 cars are turning 1,300 - 2000 RPM. The 540 M-Sport displaces 50% more per mile and fires cylinders 50% more often than other V8s, duplicating a V-12 and the V-12's limitless torque, power, feel, smoothness and voracious fuel consumption.

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The radio/dashboard fuel consumption computer can't read below 5.9 MPG, which is 40 litres/100 km. That's where mine sticks when I head out with a cold engine. It comes off that virtual peg after I put on a mile or so and warm up the engine. My 1994 E34 BMW 540i is a different beast entirely to its younger sibling. The 540i is an old fashioned charmer and a bit of bruiser. It is just not possible to be unimpressed by it. Here's a shortlist of..

Review: 2017 BMW 540i xDrive | Canadian Auto ReviewBMW 540D - Test de voiture - YouTubeOBD ONBOARD COMPUTER CLUSTER DISPALY INFO 1997-2000 BMW 5HOW TO Reset &quot;ECU&quot; Engine Control Unit To Factory Settings2019 BMW 5 Series Carbon Edition Coming Soon With More

BMW 540i E60 306 KM. Katalog samochodów. Zobacz porównanie dodaj do porównania. BMW 540i E60 306 KM Opinie i komentarze. comments powered by Disqus. Szybkie auto do 30 tys. zł The 540i will cover the benchmark sprint in 4.8 seconds. Traction is good thanks to the standard-fit The 540i is constantly alert, and a prod of the throttle delivers a surprising turn of pace - although the.. 3D-model BMW 540i (E34) are made using high-resolution textures and quality. - Correct lighting; - Own shadow and a conflict; - Compatible with SPC Wheel Pack Two extras; - Their configuration

At very high speeds the 540 behaves like a V8 since the low-road-speed RPM tricks no longer apply. This isn't much of an issue: the twelve-cylinder 2001 750iL weighs 21% more than a 540, yet its traditional V-12 only puts out 12% more horsepower and only 11% more torque, thus the 540 is still far faster in every way than BMW's traditional twelve cylinder cars.And lord, is this 5-Series fast. The 540i moniker used to designate a V8, but we won’t quibble with the half-dozen cylinders: The company’s turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six is upgraded to 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque, up from an even 300 in the previous 535i. In tandem with its  superb wingman, BMW’s 8-speed automatic transmission, the overachieving engine makes us wonder again if BMW is sandbagging more than the Ford GT at LeMans. Its maker says the 540i dashes to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, or 4.7 seconds in xDrive AWD form, and it feels even quicker. Both numbers are 0.7 seconds quicker than the previous model. And the 540i emits a supple, galloping roar of Germanic superiority while you’re doing it. Whether I was cruising under elevated train tracks like Popeye Doyle in The French Connection, or playing grown-up Hot Wheels with the Bimmer on the winding Sawmill Parkway, the BMW basically smoked anything that tried to keep up.For me, one easy money-saver is to call off BMW’s electronic watchdogs, most bundled into a trio of available Driver Assistance packages. They offer everything from adaptive cruise control, blind-spot and cross-traffic alerts to automated braking and pedestrian protection. In a wicked Manhattan rush hour, using camera, short- and long-range radar, the new Traffic Jam Assistant actually did a fine job managing the BMW’s throttle, brakes and steering, with not much ping-ponging between lanes. Still, the novelty tends to wear off quickly. You bought a BMW to drive it yourself, right?Sorry, I told you I prefer a clutch and I'll admit that everyone else who has these just loves them. I just got the automatic to make my wife happy. Please, one of you other enthusiasts out there, explain to me what I'm missing.

BMW 540i xDrive se zkrátka povedlo. Z tohoto auta teď musí mít ve Stuttgartu a Ingolstadtu pořádně hluboké vrásky na čele a těžké spaní The BMW 540i costs $287 on average to maintain annually. The estimated cost to maintain and repair a BMW 540i ranges from $80 to $3031, with an average of $287

The MPG gauge is calculated electronically several times per second and is accurate. Its scale seems odd, calibrated form 40 MPG to 8 MPG, however in it's native L/100 km it reads linearly from 0 to 30 L/100 km. Specifications BMW dealers. Payments Compare. The 5 Series sedan offers a wide range of powertrains, from a 248-horsepower turbo four cylinder to a 455-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 Of course most people would love to have the V8 540i. The catch is that BMW bundles it together with many other great options so it costs about $12,000 more than the 6-cylinder versions. It's the $12,000 that stops people, not the voracious appetite for fuel.Compare this to my mom's 6 cylinder gas Passat which usually gets 15 MPG while accelerating and 30 MPG overall. It even gets 25 MPG up hills!Materials are visibly upgraded, the sensory effect heightened by contrasting ambient lighting. A two-layer cake of coffee-colored wood frosted with rich ivory leather seemed well worth the $1,000 upcharge, especially after I got a load of what the other options cost. What a load it was: From a $57,445 base price, my 540i added $25,000 in options, nearly half again the price of the car, to reach $82,610. That included eight – eight! – separate packages of bundled options.

Now that we have several cars with built-in MPG computers I've discovered that there is very little variation from one car to another, and that the variation is almost entirely dependant on how you drive. I get the same crappy milage locally regardless of what I'm driving. I'm using the digital computers you can reset for each trip or segment, not instantaneous MPG guages. As I've explained above all cars get crappy fuel economy locally, but let's humor my celebration of the 540i Sport's abiltiy to guzzle fuel like beer at Oktoberfest and carry on. Bmw 540i automatic mechanically sound and very strong black leather interior black body very clean R60 000 cash give away 1st come 1st serve bmw 540i immaculate condition 1 owner full house and..

BMW suggested I try Lexol's Vinylex, but it didn't help. The BMW dealer also sells gummi-pflege to clean and lubricate the rubber to help reduce this.Even this 540i raised a conundrum of modern luxury cars: Once you get used to some optional feature, it’s no longer a an expensive trifle, but something you can’t live without. Just about any enthusiast will defend the $3,200 Dynamic Handling Package, along with the $2,600 M Sport Package, because they deliver concrete performance gains. Dynamic Handling features include adjustable adaptive dampers and active anti-roll bars; the latter now fully electric rather than part-hydraulic, which trims some weight and eliminates hydraulic fluid for more enviro-friendliness.

Most BMW 5-series have squeaky rubber door seals. My 2003 had these seals replaced under warranty at 15,000 miles and again at 29,000 miles. Motor Trend's initial 1997 test car also had the same sqeuaky seals. If you listen to the radio you'll never notice. If you drive listening just to the car you'll hear it as you go over any rough pavement that twists the 540's frame. The car is like the video. 4 wheel option 3 modification options 2 units Original interior All animations smoothly True engine options New sounds Game Version : 1.28 Mode Version : 1.0 Fahrbericht BMW 540i - Der neue 5er sieht anders aus. Auf Anfang, ganz von vorn. Der neue 5er Fahrbericht BMW 540i mit M Sportpaket - Ein Fazit. Der 5er von BMW ist per se weder Sportler noch.. Gas mileage worries are for wimps, especially when it comes to $64,000 cars. I only get curious about it since I'm an engineer and look at fuel efficiency as a sign of good design. As you can see above, fuel economy in real driving by the same driver along the same routes varies much less between cars than outdated EPA measurements suggest, making the folly of worrying about fuel economy a moot point. These observations have been epiphanal. I now realize that there is no fuel penalty for driving a V8 locally instead of a whimpy car, regardless of the old EPA ratings or common sense. Likewise these computers should help people recognize that their fuel efficiency depends on how they drive, and not blame it on defective cars.

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